10 of the Most Beautiful and Inspirational Homes in the World

Last Updated: May 1, 2020

Nothing inspires quite like real estate owned by the rich and famous or homes that are situated in some of the most unbelievable scenery on the planet. Here are 10 beautiful homes, situated in North and South America, the UK, France, Singapore, beginning with a spectacular clifftop dwelling near Sydney Australia, that particularly quickened the pulses here at AGENT HQ.

by Agent Staff
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WITH apologies to everyone who suffers from light-headedness, AGENT has decided to commence this roundup of the world’s most inspirational homes with a spectacular clifftop dwelling situated near Sydney, Australia. It is a perfect curtain-raiser for the equally amazing inspirational homes on the rest of our list.


01. Holman House, Dover Heights, Australia

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Image Source: HOMEDSGN.COM

SITED on the edge of a 230-foot cliff over the ocean in Dover Heights west of Sydney, Holman House is truly a ‘living on the edge’ experience. Both the living and dining areas of the home extend over the ocean, affording unbeatable views of the coastline. The lower floor has a base of rough stone walls, an extension of the cliff face, continuing along the cliff edge to form a series of terraced gardens and a rock pool. The award-winning home was designed in 2004 by Durbach Block Architects.

Inspirational homes - IH01-01b-House-Holman-01House-Holman

Image Source: HOMEDSGN.COM



02 Bourdon Street, London, UK

Inspirational homes - IH01-02c-BourdonStreet-London

Image Source: LuxuryRealEstate.com

BEHIND the huge, 53ft-wide period facade of this dwelling in trendy Mayfair, three adjacent houses were joined together and refurbished to create a sleek, ultra modern residence that has been valued at £18m / €22,850,387 / $26,030,745. The interior is one of the most inspirational homes we’ve had sight of. Complete with an entire floor that’s been dedicated to leisure facilities including a swimming pool, gymnasium and steam room, the home boasts entertaining spaces, a bar, a butler’s pantry, luxury bedroom suites, walk-in closets and informal family areas. There is also a traditional mews exterior with party pad interior, a sportscar-only garage, and the address was the former studio of celebrated photographer Terrance Donovoan from 1978-1996.

Inspirational homes - IH01-02b-BourdonStreet-London

Image Source: LuxuryRealEstate.com



3. Narigua House, Mexico

Inspirational homes - IH01-03a-The-Contemporary-Narigua-House-in-Mexico

NO TREES were removed in situating Narigua House amid the heavily vegetated landscape of its site in Northern Mexico. That’s because the designers, P+0 Architecture, devised a system that lifted the house above the ground. Narigua House is composed of three units, stacked upon one another to create dramatic cantilvers and terraces with stunning views of the mountains. Just take a look at the view from the rear terrace below. The architects have created one of the standout inspirational homes, where the residents live amid the breathtaking scenery and alongside the indigenous vegetation and wildlife.

Inspirational homes - IH01-03b-The-Contemporary-Narigua-House-in-Mexico



4. Squabble Lane, Southampton, NY, US

Inspirational homes - IH01-04a-Hamptons-JMcEnroe

Image Source: Hamptons Curbed

TENNIS legend John McEnroe shared this home with his wife Patty Smyth. With an exclusive real estate address, and boasting no fewer than eight bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms, this is a home for a large family, or a place for welcoming visitors. Its 7,500 square feet is situated on a 2.17 acres site, and famously is the only one of McEnroe’s homes with a tennis court. McEnroe put the property on the market in May 2016, with a listing of $14.5m.

Inspirational homes - IH01-04b-Hamptons-JMcEnroe

Image Source: Hamptons Curbed



5. Thunderbowl Road, Aspen, CO, US

Inspirational homes - IH01-05a-Rental-458ThunderbowlRoad

Image Source: LuxuryRealEstate.com

LISTED with a rental price of $75,000 / €65,837 / £51,862 rental, this contemporary mountainside estate has five spacious bedrooms, a professional-standard kitchen, an office, a media room, wood-burning fireplace, breathtaking outdoor dining space, and easy access to skiing, while Ritz Carlton Club amenities are included in the price. A dream bolt-hole in any season.

Inspirational homes - IH01-05b-Rental-458ThunderbowlRoad




6. Vallarta House, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Inspirational homes - IH01-06a-Puerto-Vallarta-Mexico

Image Source: Freshome

THIS private residence, designed by award-winning design and architecure firm Ezequiel Farca, is situated in the marina of Puerto Mallarca, with dramatic bayside Pacific views. With a rear aspect and view that would be the envy even of owners of other inspirational homes, Vallarta House is dominated by striking green walls and rooftops that insulate the house from heat as well as integrating its 1950s Modernism-inspired design into the landscape. Floor-to-ceiling glass wall panes flood the interior with natural light and its features include fitness centre, a home theatre, two jacuzzis, a terrace with swimming pool, a fire pit, eight bedrooms and multi-functional gathering spaces, inside and out.

Inspirational homes - IH01-06b-Puerto-Vallarta-Mexico




7. Megève, French Alps

Inspirational homes - IH01-07a-Megève,-French-Alps

Image Source: Freshome

THIS former farmhouse near the French Alpine tourist resort of Megève has been transformed into a spectacular chalet by experienced Belgian decorator Lionel Jadot. The rustic chalet is covered with wood, inside and out, given warmth by splashes of interior colour and an absolutely stunning view of Mont Blanc, the highest mountian in Western Europe. It’s an environmentally friendly dwelling, with large windows maximising the amount of natural light, and touching on the indoors-to-outdoors and outdoors-to-indoors trend, has a terrace that is an extension of the interior, allowing dwellers to dine and socialise outdoors while still benefiting from the warmth of the fireplace. For anyone seeking a getaway from the hustle and bustle of business to clear their heads with the Alpine air, this home is perfect.

Inspirational homes - IH01-07b-Megève,-French-Alps




8. Levels House, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Inspirational homes - IH01-08a-Levels-House-Buenos-Aires-Argentina

DESIGNED by BAK Architects (now Besonías-Almeida and Luciano Kruk), this stunning home is situated amid a forest of pines near in Mar Azul, a small coastal settlement in Buenos Aires Province. The architects worked to a specific brief for a house of exposed concrete that would incorporate the trees, and the natural three-metre gradient of the site, into the design, rather than caring the area. The house conveys a true sense of getting right back to nature. Inside, there are expansive social areas to suit a large family or gatherings, and the master bedroom area is designed to function independently of the rest of the dwelling.

Inspirational homes - IH01-08c-Levels-House-Buenos-Aires-Argentina



9. Ramsgate Road, Singapore

Inspirational homes - IH01-09a-Six-Ramsgate-Residence

This 12,916ft has an open living concept —maximising space, allowing air to flow between outdoor and indoor and keeping the atmosphere fresh at all times. This luxury modern residence designed by Wallflower Architecture & Design developed a layout that internalised features such as pool and gardens normally found outside the home. To maximise the open living concept, the architects situated bedrooms on the second and servants’ quarters on the basement level, and explained that this freed the ground level “from walls that would have been required if public and private programs were interlaced on the same plane”.

Inspirational homes - IH01-09b-Six-Ramsgate-Residence



10. Noe Valley, San Francisco

Inspirational homes - IH01-10-SanFran

Image Source: San Francisco Curbed / Photography: Jacob Elliott

A NEW building at 2127 Castro in San Franciso, this is one of San Francisco’s few passive houses—a German standard of energy-independent building that uses as little energy as possible, while producing as much energy as it uses, using a combination of solar panels, a heat recovery ventilator, solar panels, insulation, triple paned windows, charging stations for electric cars and more. The house is valued at $5m.

Inspirational homes - Guest_1_5050.0




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