10 Cool Office Layouts that make Tokyo a Workspace Capital

Last Updated: September 1, 2019

From sleek sci-fi inspired steel and metal sculpting to more spacious pastorally-inspired spaces, these 10 cool office layouts in Tokyo are an amazing blend of function and form.

by Agent Staff
cool office layouts Tokyo - YouTube HQ

COOL office layouts don’t come much better than in Tokyo, where the range of architectural styles—running from sci-fi inspired, tech-centric steel and metal, to more pastorally-inspired concepts—reflect the Japanese city’s famous blend of ultra modern architecture and its beautiful landscaped gardens. And with its thriving populace and iconically futuristic nightscape, there is a vibrant imagination at play in the design of these offices, just 10 highpoints of the cool office layouts in Tokyo.


1. Google, Tokyo

cool office layouts Tokyo 1


GOOGLE’S Tokyo offices are an amalgamation of Japanese and Western cultures, of the childlike and the high tech. With furry walls and custom patterns featuring the Chrome, Google Maps and Android logos, there is no absence of unique decor. The office gives employees a fun place to work with a kitchen, games room, lounge and sushi bar providing them every possible comfort.


2. YouTube, Tokyo

cool office layouts Tokyo 2


THE CREATOR space YouTube has built in central Tokyo is nothing if not inspiring. Containing a space for YouTubers to film, the space features rearrangeable furniture, walls, flooring and ceilings, for ultimate adaptability. The lobby area’s design focuses on the YouTube logo, with furniture, walls and lighting in their signature red.


3. Van Der Architects, Tokyo

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Image Source: VAN DER ARCHITECTS Photography: Martin van der Linden

AS AN architectural firm, it’s important for Van der Architects to show what they can do in the design of their own premises. The quirky space they created in Kamakura, Tokyo certainly displays their creativity. With individual offices taking the form of little wooden houses and a boardroom that straddles two rooms, this workspace is testament to the abilities of the firm.


4. Spicebox, Tokyo

cool office layouts Tokyo 4

Image Source: NENDO Photography: Daici Ano

SPICEBOX, a Japanese digital agency, played with the concept of their name when creating their office. Seven box-style meeting rooms with flipped-open ‘lids’ break up the space, allowing functional things such as the fridge, bins and photocopier to be hidden behind boxes. The clean white, grey and wooden colour pallette keeps the office looking sleek.


5. DRAFT, Tokyo

cool office layouts Tokyo 5

Image Source: OFFICESNAPSHOTS Photography: Kaoru Fukui

TOKYO design firm DRAFT designed their own offices over two floors in Shinjyuku-ku. The space strikes the perfect balance between privacy and communication with low partitions between desks and beautifully decorated lounge areas. Exposed pipework and a largely monochrome colour scheme creates a thoroughly modern feel.


6. Nendo, Tokyo

cool office layouts Tokyo 6

Image Source: NENDO Photography: Daici Ano

NENDO, an architectural firm in in Meguru, Tokyo designed their offices with collaboration in mind. The space is broken up by wooden panels shaped like sagging fabric, allowing employees to walk and talk between segments. For spaces that need sound-proofing, translucent plastic curtains are used, allowing light to come through.


7. AKQA, Tokyo

cool office layouts Tokyo 7

Image Source: TORAFU Photography: Daici Ano

Global ad agency AKQA occupy a basement space in Ebisu, Tokyo. Their open plan office is split into sections with concrete, wood and gravel, giving the workplace the atmosphere of a garden. Trees are planted around the office in sandbags cast in white mortar and an indoor basketball hoop allows employees a way to blow off steam.


8. Pasona Urban Farm, Tokyo

cool office layouts Tokyo 8

Image Source: KONO DESIGNS

PASONA, a Japanese recruitment firm, have an office that encourages employees to take an active role in creating their workspace. 3,995 square metres of the 19,974 sq. metre “urban farm” office is dedicated to green space which boasts over 200 species of plant, fruit, vegetable and rice. Employees maintain and harvest the crops themselves, and produce is served at the office cafeteria.


9. Mr. Design Office, Tokyo

cool office layouts Tokyo 9

Image Source: SCHEMATA Photography: Takumi Ota)

ALTHOUGH Mr. Design, a Tokyo graphic design business, only has 5 employees in their Shibuya ward office, they’ve created an incredible workspace for them, making it a must for any list of cool office layouts in Tokyo. The office encompasses two rooms on two different levels, connected by a slide. Mirrored surfaces and lack of walls means that the space is flooded in light, making for a dynamic work environment.


10. Mozilla Factory

cool office layouts Tokyo 10

Image: NOSIGNER Photography: Hatta Masaharu

IT MAKES sense for the Mozilla foundation, famous for their commitment to open source, to have an office that is similarly open and accessible. The workspace is based in one big room, with different levels and surfaces to separate areas. The decor is mostly exposed pine and white, with some brightly-coloured touches creating a young, fun feel.


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