7 Most Paws-itively Dog Friendly Offices in the US in 2018

Last Updated: December 1, 2018

Dogs are often described as man’s best friend—and now mankind, at least in the US, is beginning to return the compliment. Long having been ejected to the backyard while their owners went to work, dogs are now as common around some workplaces as the office furniture. A paws for thought, indeed!

by Agent Staff
dog friendly offices, dog friendly office
Image Source: Pixabay / Photography: Michal Jarmoluk

Two of our favourite things here at AGENT HQ are really cool offices, and pet-friendly and dog-friendly office policies. So this ‘cool offices’ post is actually a tribute to both of these passions.

We’re not the only ones who enjoy dogs. People who do not like canines are firmly in the minority. Dog owners spend an enormous portion of the $69bn or so that the pet industry is valued at in the US alone.

We gladly spend not just for essentials like food, bedding and vets’ bills, but also on canine entertainment accessories, including dog toys, such as KONG Air Dog Squeakair Birthday Balls or the classic Duckworth Duck.

So, as a special tribute to our four-legged friends, here are some of the workplaces that have made a distinctive effort to accommodate dogs, and the needs of their owners, during office hours. Here are 10 paws-itively dog friendly offices in the US.



1. Kurgo, Massachusetts

kurgo, dog friendly offices, dog friendly office

Image Source: KURGO

As a manufacturer of dog accessories and toys, it should come as no surprise that Kurgo has a completely dog friendly office for its Massachusetts headquarters. The quirky offices feature repurposed shipping containers as meeting rooms and a slide for employees to enjoy. Dogs are welcome, with baby gates allowing employees who aren’t so keen on canines to fence off their cubicles.



2. PetPlan, Philadelphia

pet plan, philadelphia, dog friendly offices, dog friendly office

Image Source: D2

PetPlan is one of the largest providers of pet insurance worldwide, so allowing employees to bring their pets is an important part of their brand. Not only are their offices pet friendly, but also pet-themed, with dachshund screen walls, cat wall murals and fire hydrant sculptures throughout the office.



3. Ben & Jerry’s, Vermont

dog friendly offices, dog friendly office, ben and jerrys

Image Source: BEN & JERRY’S

In the Vermont offices of Ben & Jerry’s, the 28 four-legged staff are so treasured they’re given a whole web page dedicated to their pictures and bios. Dogs are allowed free rein of the office, with dog cookies in plentiful supply at reception.



4. FreshPet, New Jersey

Freshpet, Dog Friendly Offices, Dog Friendly Office


FreshPet make dog and cat food that contains 100% fresh ingredients, so it’s only right that they allow qualified tasters into their New Jersey office! Although dogs aren’t permitted in the kitchens, they tend to congregate hopefully outside the fridge of FreshPet products.



5. Zynga, San Francisco

Zynga, San Francisco, Dog Friendly Offices, Dog Friendly Office

Image Source: OFFICE SNAPSHOTS / Photography: Jason Madera)

Online games company Zynga was named after CEO Mark Pincus’ American Bulldog and the company’s love of dogs has continued to this day. Their incredible San Francisco headquarters are fully dog-friendly, allowing dogs 556,000 sq. foot of space to roam. These fantastic dog friendly offices even include a dog park on the roof for pooches to blow off steam!



6. Etsy, Brooklyn

etsy, brooklyn, Dog Friendly Offices, Dog Friendly Office

Image Source: ETSY / Photography: JonPaul Douglass

Etsy, an online marketplace for handmade goods, maintains a relaxed creative atmosphere in their Brooklyn headquarters by allowing employees to bring their dogs in to work. Dogs have been shown to lower stress levels in humans, plus it means that dog owners can work longer days without having to run home to walk their dogs. Another definitive dog friendly office, then.



7. Humane Society of the United States

Humane Society of the United States, Dog Friendly Offices, Dog Friendly Office

Image Source: Glassdoor

Few dog friendly offices have made as sizeable a commitment to their office pooches as The Humane Society of the United States, who have a purpose-built dog run outside of their headquarters in Maryland. The office also organizes special days for staff and dogs, such as Hallowe’en, which features pooches in costume!


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