11 of the Best Office Interiors in Washington DC

Last Updated: December 3, 2017

Washington DC is America’s capital, and the most expensive area in the USA, so companies have to get creative when setting up shop there. From abandoned buildings to the former home of a historic fraternal organisation, unconventional spaces have been imaginatively repurposed to create some amazingly eclectic workspaces. Here are just 11 of Washington DC’s most imaginative offices.

best office interiors Washington DC 11 iStrategyLabs

Washington DC is America’s capital city and the US’s most expensive area. Companies have to get creative when setting up shop there. From repurposed abandoned buildings to the former home of a historic fraternal organisation, unconventional spaces have been imaginatively repurposed to create amazingly eclectic workspaces that are among the best office interiors anywhere. Here are just 11 of Washington DC’s most imaginative offices.


1. New America

best office interiors Washington DC 1 New America

Image Source: FOX ARCHITECTS  Photography: John Cole

As a Public Policy Institute, New America wanted their offices to reflect America’s history while adding modern elements and fresh thinking. Designed by Fox Architects, the finished product certainly achieves this, restoring the building’s historic ceilings and pillars while adding bright colours, meeting pods and an open-plan workspace.



2. National Restaurant Association

best office interiors Washington DC 2 NRA

Image Source: OTJ ARCHITECTS Photography: eRIC lAIGNEL

Considering the National Restaurant Association’s area of expertise, it should come as no surprise that its DC base feels more like a hospitality space than one of work! The headquarters has one of the best office interiors in Washington DC, was designed by OTJ Architects, feature conferencing rooms, a kitchen studio for demonstrations and an outdoor deck which can house events of up to 500 people.



3. Ogilvy Washington DC

best office interiors Washington DC 3 Ogilvy

Image Source: OFFICE SNAPSHOTS Photography: Robert Benson

International Advertising firm Ogilvy needed offices to encourage collaboration and communication, so HOK designed a vibrant, open-plan space with glass walls and graphic wall decals. There is a quiet room for those who need to do focus work, as well as smaller “telephone boxes” for work calls. All rooms are named after famous Washington DC landmarks, institutions or restaurants.



4. NPR

best office interiors - Washington DC 4 NPR

Image Source: HICKOK COLE ARCHITECTS Photography: Adrian Wilson

National Public Radio’s Washington DC’s headquarters, designed by Hickok Cole Architects, are among the biggest as well as the best office interiors, laid out over 4 floors and 330,000 square foot, containing a newsroom, exhibition area and a conference/training centre. The building contains both desk cubicles and glass fronted offices, with most surfaces painted white, but with splashes of vibrant blue and green.



5. iHeart Media

best office interiors - Washington DC 5 iHeart Media

Image Source: OFFICE SNAPSHOTS PhOTOGRAPHY: Thaddeus Rombauer

A radio company’s office needs to encompass a lot, neither alienating the corporate nor the creative. iHeart Media’s base in the historic Odd Fellows building straddles these worlds perfectly, with pine floors, a largely white colour scheme and fun features, such as a cutaway ceiling and a gum-ball machine. Exposed brick walls and reclaimed wood and metal furnishings pay tribute to the heritage of the space.



6. American Gaming Association

best office interiors - Washington DC 6 AGA

Image Source: OTJ ARCHITECTS Photography: Judy Davis

The American Gaming Association occupies a fun sector with strong imagery, so OTJ Architects made sure to incorporate plenty of gaming and gambling references into their office design. The end result is one of the best office interiors in the US city. A sky light and white color scheme create a bright, airy space, while card motifs, screens displaying upcoming ball games and slot machines make reference to the gaming industry.



7. Nuclear Energy Institute

best office interiors - Washington DC 7 Nuclear Energy Institute

Image Source: FOX ARCHITECTS Photography: Ron Blunt and Erin Kelleher

In order to convey their brand message of “Clean Air Energy”, the Nuclear Energy Institute needed Washington DC offices that were bright, airy and modern. Co-designed by Fox Architects and Wingate Hughes Architects the space features glass walls, large communal areas and a largely blue and white color scheme. Relatively small offices encourage staff to use the collaborative spaces while brushed metal and wood accents give the space a natural grounding.



8. Design Army

best office interiors - Washington DC 8 Design Army


Washington DC Graphic Design firm, Design Army, chose to remodel an abandoned building in order to house their growing business. Designed with Studio 27 Architecture, the space was dramatically transformed, with white walls, wood floors, exposed brick and bright red accents. Occupying 2 and a half floors, the office flows seamlessly over the storeys, with frosted glass stairs and large windows allowing plenty of light in.



9. Gensler, Washington DC

best office interiors - Washington DC 9 Gensler

IMAGE SOURCE: GENSLER Photography: Michael Moran

As a design firm, Gensler planned and create its Washington DC offices with their needs in mind. The 60,000 square foot building features the design team in a store-front area, allowing passersby to see and understand what Gensler does. Exposed concrete, metal and artfully-arranged strips of neon lights create an edgy, industrial feel, while white surfaces with pops of primary colors keeps the space fresh and young.



10. Blackboard

best office interiors Washington DC 10 Blackboard


Blackboard is a software company connecting academic communities through technology, so they needed their Washington DC headquarters to reflect this spirit of collaboration and communication. Structural white waves create a flowing line through the space, acting as a chair, a wall, a desk as it moves through the office. This is one of the most striking entries on our list of DC’s best office interiors. White and frosted glass surfaces make for a light and airy workplace, while blackboards are scattered across the office, encouraging staff participation in the space.


11. iStrategyLabs

best office interiors Washington DC 11 iStrategyLabs

IMAGE SOURCE: Wingate Hughes PhotographY: Anice Hoachlander

Software company iStrategyLabs have a quirky Washington DC workspace that is nothing if not inspiring. In a move away from the usual white, grey and glass corporate world, their offices include an eclectic mix of colours and styles, with vintage paned windows, repurposed wood, exposed brick and bright statement walls. Designed by Wingate Hughes, the office is a fun, spontaneous space featuring blackboard walls, skateboards and crawl-through tunnels.