Get Inspired with 11 of the Most Creative Sydney Office Designs

Last Updated: April 2, 2018

These 11 Sydney offices collectively form an extraordinary aspect of the Australian city’s architecture. Flooded with natural light and ultra-cool outdoors-y decor, they’re also among the most employee-friendly workspaces on the planet.

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As one of the most sun-kissed cities on the planet, the average Sydney office design is geared towards making use of the abundance of natural light. Such weather seems to facilitate particularly creative office designs. In offices throughout the city, ample windows and glass features help to flood workspaces with light, giving an authentic feel to the relaxing, subtly beach-themed decor.

The most creative Sydney office designs also include roof terraces or balconies, making the Australian city a leader in the architectural trend of bringing the outdoors in—and the indoors out.

So if a rainy day is bringing you down and putting the brakes on your productivity, allow these inspiring Sydney office designs to shed some rays of sunshine into your life.



1. Macquarie

creative office designs - Sydney 1 Macquarie

Image Source: CLIVE WILKINSON  Photography: Shannon McGrath

Australian bank Macquarie’s headquarters are awe-inspiring, from the immense 330,000 square feet of space to the futuristic glass-heavy aesthetic. Designed by Clive Wilkinson Architects, the Sydney offices occupy a 10-storey building at 1 Shelley Street, embracing the ideas of a transparent workplace and Activity Based Working. Each floor has a meeting room in a floating glass box hanging over the atrium, making the whole building visible from the entrance.



2. Y&R

creative office designs - Sydney 2 Y&R


Y&R, a marketing and communications company, needed refreshed Sydney offices that encouraged communication and reflected the vibrant city they occupy. Designed by The Bold Collective, the Australian-pub inspired interior and open-plan space allow for both perfectly. Materials used embrace both Sydney and nature, with repurposed timber, subway tiles, ropes, neon signs and suspended ceiling planters. On the top floor, staff can enjoy a break on the roof garden or the quirky indoor garden, which features astroturf seating and deck chairs.




creative office designs - Sydney 3 Sirca

Image Source: WOODS BAGOT

As a research software startup, SIRCA wanted their Sydney office to reflect the energy and innovation of the brand itself. The finished product, designed by Woods Bagot, includes a bike rack, kayak parking space, connected desks and an outdoor deck, so it certainly captures this dynamic company culture. Small meeting booths and casual seating areas allow for communication between employees.



4. JWT

creative office designs - Sydney 4 JWT

Image Source: GEYER Photography: Luc Remond

Global advertising firm JWT collaborated with Geyer to create a thoroughly modern Sydney office within a former wool-store warehouse in Pyrmont. The 15,000 square foot space includes a mezzanine level that allows light to flow through all 3 storeys, with the ground floor containing the staff kitchen and cafeteria. Hanging light installations featuring wooden boxes and bicycle wheels are scattered throughout the office, adding a colourful and edgy touch to the mostly white interior.



5. Mediacom

creative office designs - Sydney 5 Mediacom


By mixing typical corporate design with child-like colours and playful furniture, The Bold Collective designed a unique office space for Sydney media agency, Mediacom. The modern open-plan desk space is white and grey, allowing for a business-like workspace, while pillars on the periphery feature hand-knitted covers and colourful seating. Other quirky touches include London telephone boxes to make business calls in and tartan carpeting.



6. Fujitsu

creative office designs - Sydney 6 Fujitsu

Image Source: WOODS BAGOT Photography: Tyrone Branigan

Despite the five floors and almost 100,000 square foot of space, Woods Bagot managed to create a Sydney Headquarters for Fujitsu which felt connected throughout, thanks to a central staircase and glass and panelling allowing for walls which don’t block light. Timber panelling, origami-inspired graphic designs and a largely monochrome color scheme combine as a nod to Fujitsu’s Japanese heritage.



7. Red Rock Consulting

creative office designs - Sydney 7 Red Rock


In keeping with the name of their company, Red Rock Consulting’s Sydney office includes heavy use of fire-truck red in their aesthetic. Created by Rolf Ockert Design, the workspace is so vibrant that the company named their main meeting room the “WTF?” room, due to the exclamations uttered by staff and clients on first entering the space. It features trippy wavy red walls. 60s-inspired egg chairs and a curved corner sofa, so their reaction is hardly suprising!



8. Facebook

creative office designs - Sydney 8 Facebook

Image Source: SIREN DESIGN Photography: Brendan Read

Designed by Siren Design, Facebook’s Sydney office is exactly what one would expect from such a fresh social company. Using graffiti walls, wall decals emblazoned with “Straya Mate” and an eclectic mix of colors and style, the offices have a dynamic, young feel. Open-plan desk space and a variety of casual meeting areas create a collaborative environment.



9. Lightspeed Research

creative office designs - Sydney 9 Lightspeed Research


Lightspeed Research wanted their Sydney office to feel like a home away from home for their staff, and the relaxed, whimsical space designed by The Bold Collective certainly achieves this. A pool room contains homely features such as a fake moose-head and framed pictures of staff participating in sporting activities, while the large communal desk sits beside a table-tennis set.



10. Mindshare Sydney

creative office designs - Sydney 10 Mindshare


Global media company Mindshare has another of the most amazing Sydney office designs. This is a vibrant colour palette of jewel-tones against white surfaces, and cool features such as a whiteboard wall. The Bold Collective were the creators of this energetic, collaborative office space. The walls are decorated with graphic decals and 3D alphabet lighting, while Louis IX armchairs in turquoise and magenta make for a truly unique aesthetic.



11. Airbnb

sydney office, creative office designs - Sydney 11 Airbnb


Airbnb knew they wanted a Sydney office design inspired by both Australian culture and Airbnb’s international listings. In collaboration with The Bold Collective, the global hospitality platform created a workspace which includes AFL goalposts and beachy, woven cane panelling. The office is influenced by three very different Airbnb listings: a Kangaroo Valley living-room, a Havana dining room and a Swedish sitting room.