12 Amsterdam Offices to Inspire & Amaze You

Last Updated: May 1, 2019

Amsterdam’s reputation as a European multi-cultural melting pot is underlined by a range of some of the most imaginatively designed offices in the world. Here is a list of 12 of the city’s most dramatic and inspirational workspaces.

by AGENT Staff
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As one of the most exciting, multicultural cities in the world, Amsterdam has a lot to offer, including some amazing office design. The city that’s full of canals also seems to be full of beautiful workspaces, with unique features and stunning architecture that must make it that bit easier to go to work on a Monday morning. From house-shaped offices to shipping containers, our list of amazing Amsterdam offices is sure to blow you away.


1. Tribal DDB, Amsterdam

amsterdam offices - Amsterdam 1 TribalDBB

Image Source: I29  Photography: Ewout Huibers

Worldwide digital marketing and advertising group Tribal DDB went for an incredibly futuristic Amsterdam office. Designed by i29, the largely white walls have large windows that make the most of natural sunlight, while light grey felt-covered surfaces are modern while not feeling too cold. The desks, bench seating and bell-shaped light fittings all hang from the ceiling, keeping the floor clear from clutter.



2. BrandDeli, Amsterdam

amsterdam offices - Amsterdam 2 BrandDeli

Image Source: DZAP  Photography: Stijn Poelstra

Starting with an industrial warehouse, DZAP added a real mix of homey and edgy features to create the unique Amsterdam offices for TV ad company BrandDeli. Persian carpets, large communal desks and sofa areas for informal meetings give a cosy, domestic feel, while unusual glass-fronted private rooms shaped like little houses are practical while providing visual interest. Staff have access to a sleek bar and kitchen area, as well as a locker room for their convenience.



3. BNP Paribas, Amsterdam

amsterdam offices - Amsterdam 3 BNP Paribas


The immaculate white interior of BNP Paribas’ Amsterdam offices creates a thoroughly modern, light-filled space, while the large angular structures that make up restaurant seating and the front desk are almost reminiscent of icebergs. Meeting rooms with glass walls give a collaborative, open feel while warm brown timber floors and wall panelling prevent the workspace from being too clinical or impersonal.



4. MediaXplain, Amsterdam

amsterdam offices - Amsterdam 4 MediaXplain

Image Source: I29  Photography: Ewout Huibers

In a design collaboration between i29 Interior Architects and VMX Architects, MediaXplain‘s Amsterdam offices were built to make the most of their beautiful harbor views. To avoid glare, the large panel windows are set at an angle, with rows of large oak desks set in front of them to allow employees an inspiring vista. The interior has a decidedly industrial feel, with plenty of unpainted concrete and clean monochrome surfaces.



5. Gummo, Amsterdam

amsterdam offices - Amsterdam 5 Gummo

Image Source: I29  PhOTOGRAPHY: Ewout Huibers

As an advertising agency, Amsterdam’s Gummo wanted an office that expressed their creativity and originality. Designed by i29, the company’s Amsterdam offices feature recycled furniture painted the same matte dark grey as the walls, creating the illusion of a void that is unnerving but extremely cool. The clean white ceiling and floor sections stop the office from becoming too dark or gloomy, as do the plus-sign shaped hanging lights throughout the space.



6. Superheroes, Amsterdam

amsterdam offices - Amsterdam 6 Superheroes

Image Source: SIMON BUSH-KING ARCHITECTURE & URBANISM  Photography: Alan Jensen

Digital agency Superheroes chose to base its Amsterdam offices in a large open studio, but needed rooms with privacy for meetings and business calls. Their architects, Simon Bush-King Architecture & Urbanism, built 3 meeting rooms in corners of the space, using glass walls with graphic black cut-out detailing to strike the perfect balance between privacy and openness. The rest of the vast floor-space is broken up by clusters of desks and lounge areas, while a bold mural creates unique visual interest.



7. NUON, Amsterdam

amsterdam offices - Amsterdam 7 NUON

Image Source: HEYLIGERS D+P  Photography: Rick geenjaar

NUON‘S 296,000 square foot office space is certainly impressive, featuring seating for over 650 people, a conference center and a sky bar. Designed by HEYLIGERS d+p, the utility company headquarters include plenty of creative design features, such as meeting pods encased in sphere-shaped wooden panelling, futuristic curved white furniture and statement walls providing splashes of bright yellow, blue and green.



8. Google, Amsterdam

amsterdam offices - Amsterdam 8 Google

Image Source: D/DOCK Photography: Alan Jensen

Considering Google is a company renowned for their incredibly quirky offices, it should come as no surprise that their Amsterdam operations space feels more like a playground than a workplace. The office, designed by D/DOCK, was inspired by both the garage where Google was founded and Amsterdam, featuring exposed brick walls, Delft light-fittings and a modified version of the Dutch coat of arms.



9. Optimizely, Amsterdam

amsterdam offices - Amsterdam 9 Optimizely

IMAGE SOURCE: IDEAL PROJECTS Photography: valerie Clarysse

Using exposed pipes, graphic wall and ceiling art and glass partitions, Ideal Projects created an Amsterdam office for Optimizely, that was young and fresh while remaining functional. Optimizely are an A/B testing software company, and required several meeting rooms but wanted the rest of the office to be open plan, to encourage communication between employees. The finished product is modern, inspired by simple Scandinavian design principles while providing staff a comfortable place to work.



10. Amsterdam City Hall

amsterdam offices - Amsterdam City Hall 10


Most of us would not expect city hall offices to be cutting-edge proponents of urban industrial- inspired interior design, but Amsterdam’s municipal government wanted their headquarters to reflect the vibrant, constantly-changing city around them. Designed by Fokkema & Partners, the design features repurposed shipping containers, whiteboard walls, exposed brick and splashes of bright red and yellow.



11. War Child, Amsterdam

amsterdam offices - Offices-Amsterdam-Warchild-body

Humanitarian organisation War Child chose to create its headquarters in Amsterdam, and wanted the premises to represent them as a charity. The project is a ‘low budget’ design by architects Eckhardt en Leeuwenstein Architekten. The walls are emblazoned with huge photographs of children. Vibrant colour blocking, with all cabinets and furniture placed against a wall painted the same colour, creates a bold, uniform space throughout. The office has 75 workstations as well as a conference room and several more informal meeting-rooms.



12. Red Bull, Amsterdam

amsterdam offices - Amsterdam 12 Red Bull


Much like Google, Red Bull is a company that places a lot of importance on creating fun and unique offices for their staff around the world. Their Amsterdam branch, designed by Sid Lee Architecture, uses plywood planks and panels to create incredible geometric shapes. To make use of all possible space in the industrial warehouse the office occupies, the architects designed a partial mezzanine floor, which allows sunlight to stream down from skylight windows.


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