6 Power-Packed Bites for Lunch On The Go in 2018

Last Updated: December 3, 2017

Lunch on the go is the most frequent option when you’re too busy to sit down to a proper meal. But if time for lunch is minimised, it’s important to eat healthily. Avoid processed snacks in favour of these power-packed bites.

by Agent Staff
lunch on the go

Modern professional life can play havoc with the diet, thanks to frequent meetings and many phone calls that can’t be ignored at lunchtime. But while grabbing a sandwich at the desk is understandable, it’s not sustainable in the long-run. If your lunchtime is minimised, eat healthily. Here are six suggestions from AGENT for lunch on the go: they’re natural, convenient, and will help to boost your productivity and focus for the afternoon.


1. Chicken

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Experts recommend that people with an active lifestyle, particularly those on a fitness training regime, should try to consume 20g-30g of protein in every meal. For carnivores, grilled chicken is probably the best way to ensure that you get all of the high-protein benefits of the meat, while minimising the fat content.

A typical four-ounce fillet contains all of the protein content that you require for a meal, while the complete absence of carbs and low calories make it ideal for a lunch that won’t leave you feeling bloated and low on energy for the afternoon.



2. Salad

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If your work base is situated close to a deli or a supermarket, you’re really fortunate, because most outlets have a huge selection of salads available nowadays. However, if you are ‘leaning’ your outgoings as well by preparing your own salad at home, what you’re looking for is convenience—minimal prep for no-fuss eating with a maximised energy payload.

Chicken or fish is ideal as a primary ingredient, as both are rich in protein and don’t take an eternity to prepare. Chop it up, and add a variety of greens, carrots, and tomatoes, and add dressings for a great burst of flavour to the wholesomeness.



3. Soup

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Especially for those in cooler climates, soup is one of the most convenient, filling and energy-boosting options for a hearty lunch on the go. Best tip if you are grabbing one to go is to ensure maximum nutritional value by carefully reading the labels of the pre-packaged ones to ensure that the calories are at a minimum.

Be wary, also, of noodle-based soups, as their high carbohydrate content can bloat you for the afternoon and put the brakes on your energy rather than unleashing it. Again, making soups yourself is incredibly easy, and so ingeniously economical (a large pot will last you for days) that you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it years ago!

A great source for homemade recipes is the celebrated English chef Delia Smith, who has a great website, Delia Online, and a collection of amazingly simple but deliciously, wholesomely effective cookbooks.


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One important thing to remember, though… while bread is the traditional accompaniment to a bowl of soup, be aware that it’s loaded with carbohydrates. So minimise the amount of bread you take with soup, or try some salad as an accompaniment.

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4. Sushi

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Sushi is another great lunch on the go solution for those whose meal-times are interrupted by telephone calls and meetings. For the uninitiated, sushi is most often associated with fish, but the primary ingredient here is cooked, vinegared rice, along with either raw seafood or vegetables.

Therefore, sushi is a great power lunch solution for those who do not like fish. Also, the vegetable rolls tend to be larger than the seafood ones, so sushi is a win-win: providing bulk for non-fish lovers, and variety for those who do. And you can also prepare your own sushi, with the help of kits such as this leading best-seller from BambooWorx.


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5. Fruit

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All-fruit diets are the subject of contention. Steve Jobs, for instance, was predominantly a fruitarian, as he swore by the creativity and clarity-boosting properties of fruit. However, the lack of significant quantities of protein in fruit is considered by the experts to be a major drawback.

However, fruit can make an excellent supplement as part of a balanced diet, and for a lunch on the go pick me up, it’s perfect. Blueberries, for instance, according to Harvard researchers, are rich in the anthocyanins that lower blood pressure, and boost the elasticity of blood vessels.

And the humble banana is rich in potassium, boosting the energy and optimising the stimulus response that enable muscles to contract.



6. Protein Shake/Smoothie

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IMAGE SOURCE: Unsplash PHOTOGRAPHY: Danielle MacInnes

Why not blend the properties of fruit with a scoop of protein powder for the best of both worlds? While a pure protein powder shake can be bland, adding elements such as strawberries, blueberries, nuts, oats, even peppermint oil gives a powerful energy boost on the go, with long-lasting benefits.

Strawberries are potent in manganese, which helps to curb snacking urges. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants, which play a key role in warding off the free radicals that present such serious risks to our long-term health. Nuts are high-protein carriers of minerals that are vital for general well-being, oats are high in dietary fibre, while peppermint oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids

The protein powder is also a verifiable way of ensuring that your system is getting sufficient quantities of protein in your diet every day.