7 Liverpool Office Architecture Inspirations

Last Updated: September 1, 2020

Liverpool is a gem of an English city boasting some of the UK’s most beautifully designed offices and corporate headquarters, of which the following are a ‘super 7’.

by AGENT Staff
liverpool office

SITUATED in the English north-west, Liverpool is a fiercely proud English city whose contributions to culture, not only in the UK but globally, were recognised in 2008 when it was named the European Capital of Culture. Quite apart from the music of The Beatles, Merseyside has also spawned some of the world’s most famous entertainers and sports stars: it seems an endless list of icons and A-List talent was either born or raised there, from former Doctor Who, Tom Baker, to 80s pop star Rick Astley; former BBC director general John Birt, to stand-up comedian John Bishop; actress and Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall to 007 James Bond, Daniel Craig. Liverpool is also home to some amazing offices. Here are just 7 Liverpool office architecture inspirations that tickled our fancy at AGENT HQ.



1. Liverpool FC

liverpool office, architecture inspiration - Liverpool-Offices-GB-7-Liverpool-FC


WORLD-renowned football club, Liverpool FC, boasts a headquarters that’s as sleek and impressive as the football skills for which its team is celebrated. The red-hued colour scheme signifies the club’s prime colour and complements the predominantly wooden decor to create a pleasingly contemporary, almost corporate appearance and feel. The walls are mounted with graphics devised by Artworks Solutions and constructed by Nobles Construction Ltd. referencing the heritage of the club and its players.



2. Ministry of Defence, Liverpool

liverpool office, architecture inspiration - Liverpool-Offices-GB-1-Ministry-of-Defence


LEADING architecture company, HKR, created a flexible, attractive workplace for the Ministry of Defence at Walker House in Liverpool. Operating to a specific brief, the firm devised a contemporary, clean interior fit-out, with an open plan workspace for the 600 staff. It’s staff-friendly too, with numerous informal break-out areas and meeting points situated throughout.



3. Angel Solutions, Liverpool

liverpool office, architecture inspiration - Liverpool-Offices-GB-2-Angel-Solutions

Image Source: TWITTER  Photography: James Maloney

EMPLOYEES at Angel Solutions arrive at work every day in high spirits, having access to a ball pit, and cheered up by the animal sculptures and circus decorations prominently featured throughout their workplace. The company—which creates innovative web applications for the education sector—carried out the office overhaul themselves, meaning great opportunities for team-building and management, as well as making the project more affordable.



4. Uniform, Liverpool

liverpool office, architecture inspiration - Liverpool-offices-3-GB-Uniform

Image Source: OFFICESNAPSHOTS  Photography: Andy Haslem

THE fascinating Liverpool office of Uniform—a creative consultancy which also has an operation in London—was designed by Snook, whose aim was to create a workspace reflecting the core values of the business. The layout, dominated by vibrant colours, unusual sculptures, and open spaces, also makes the most of impressive views, providing an inspirational environment for Uniform’s personnel.



5. Austin Smith Lord, Liverpool

liverpool office, architecture inspiration - Liverpool-Offices-GB-4-Austin-Smith-Lord

Image Source: ASL

WHEN creating its Liverpool office, architectural company, Austin Smith Lord, took on the design job itself. Their approach was to refurbish the historic building while retaining its distinctive characteristics, highlighting period features such as ceiling mouldings and original parquet flooring. The ASL approach to interior design underlines the wisdom of ‘less is more’, and how sometimes not everything needs to be changed and modernised.



6. John West, Liverpool

liverpool office, architecture inspiration - Liverpoo-Offices-GB-5-John-West

Image Source: SD PARE

STAFF at the Liverpool office of the prominent UK canned-fish brand John West enjoy breathtaking views of the city below, thanks to an open plan office layout that makes the most of the building’s riverside location. The office has a prominent oceanic-hued decor theme throughout, with aqua and azure the key colours chosen for walls, furniture and decor, reflecting the company’s primary service.



7. JB Leitch, Liverpool

liverpool office, architecture inspiration - Liverpool-Office-GB-6-JB-Leitch

Image Source: SNOOK  Photography: Andy Haslam

SPECIALIST law firm JB Leitch was aiming for a smart and elegant appearance for its Liverpool headquarters. The award-winning firm that devised the layout, Snook, created another superb Liverpool office design that blends sleek design with a sense of warmth and luxury through a combination of wooden furniture with dark grey and white colour schemes throughout the five-storey workspace.


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