8 Cool Office Layouts in Chicago

Last Updated: December 3, 2017

Chicago is the place for you if collaboration is your thing. Open plan layouts figure prominently in the offices of the Windy City, facilitating communication and fostering a collaborative, creative atmosphere. Here are 8 workspaces that make Chicago a world leader in stunningly designed, staff-friendly offices.

by Agent Staff
Chicago 5 Motorola
Image Source: Gensler

Chicago is one of the world leading destinations for cool office layouts. The city has an ‘officescape’ that is dominated by inspiring workspaces of open plan design that is carefully chosen to facilitate great collaborative spirit between the teams of personnel who work there. These 8 cool office layouts are indicative of the best working environments in the Windy City.


1. Centro, Chicago

Chicago 1 Centro

Image Source: pbd Photography: Tom Harris

Centro, creators of digital advertising software, has a futuristic office that seems like many people’s idea of utopia, making it a cert for this list of cool office layouts in the city. White clean surfaces contrast with indoor gardens and wood furniture to create a modern, natural space. The office, designed by Partners by Design, features a fully-stocked kitchen and ample flexible work spaces as well as more conventional desk seating.



2. Yelp, Chicago

Chicago 2 Yelp

Image Source: Valerio Dewalt Train Associates Photography: Tom Harris

Open­ plan offices are a notable trend in cool office layouts, allowing for better communication between employees and a more collaborative work atmosphere. Yelp’s Chicago offices, designed by Valerio Dewalt Train, use open plan desks and seating, as well as communal lounge, bar and kitchen areas, to ensure that staff constantly interact. Yelp’s signature red as an accent colour throughout creates a sense of unity.



3. Closerlook, Chicago

Chicago 4 Closerlook

Image Source: Eastlake Studio Photography: Steve Hall

Digital marketing company Closerlook mostly serves pharmaceutical companies, so it wanted an office blending the creativity of marketing with the clean aesthetic of a lab. Designed by Eastlake Studio, the firm’s Chicago workspace is a must for our cool office layout roundup, brilliantly achieving this mix. Ample glass, glossy white surfaces and exposed lightbulbs give the space a clinical feel, while wood panels and statement colours on the walls add an organic, energetic flavour.



4. Motorola Mobility, Chicago

Chicago 5 Motorola

Image Source: Gensler Photography: Eric Laignel

Motorola Mobility’s Chicago offices bring a sense of fun to hi-­tech. Designed by Gensler, the office includes quirky design features such as neon lights, sports netting and an eclectic mix of old and new furniture. The workspace includes open ­plan desk seating, an outdoor terrace, multiple micro­kitchens and a games room, encouraging employee interaction.



5. Getty Images, Chicago

Chicago 6 Getty

Image Source: Office Snapshots Photography: JJ Jetel

The office that BOX Studios designed for Getty Images in Chicago is inspired by the online company’s vast collections of photo and video. Adorning walls, tapestries and canvases, the dynamic images create an active work environment, underlined by an uplifting yellow colour that is used throughout the headquarters. It’s an ultra-collaborative space, with only two private offices, and workbench type seating used for the rest.



6. Red Frog Events, Chicago

Chicago 7 Red Frog

Image Source: NELSON

Red Frog Events’ Chicago office is like a child’s dream come true. Featuring a slide, a treehouse, a giant calendar, a cloth tent, hammock chairs, jam­-jar lights, fake trees and a climbing wall, this is the most fun office on our list. Designed by NELSON, the office has a recurring ‘red frog’ motif that helps to ties the diverse spaces together.



7. Core Power, Chicago

Chicago 8 Core Power

Image Source: BOX Studios Photography: JJ Jetel

The Chicago offices of dairy-based protein drink provider Core Power are directly inspired by the company’s product. The space, designed by BOX Studios, contains artificial grass, cow cut-­outs, and a staff milk bar filled with Core Power products. Timber beams emphasise the natural aesthetic, while a skylight and accompanying ceiling sculpture helps to flood the workspace with sunlight.



8. Braintree, Chicago

Chicago 10 Braintree

Image Source: pbd

Online payments company Braintree’s Chicago offices are the imaginative creation of Partners by Design. The office is inspired by a tree, reflected in the dark wood surfaces, green furniture and a tree house area with hammock chairs for employees to chill out. The office also an in-house bar, where staff can enjoy a beer or a snack.