8 Stylish Alternatives to Ties for Office Wear in 2020

Last Updated: July 1, 2020

Although wearing a tie is often thought of as a necessity in the workplace, thanks to recent trends and the modern smart-casual workplace dress code, this is no longer the case. If you find wearing a conventional neck-tie uncomfortable, or are just bored of wearing the same accessory day in day out, this list is for you. Here’s 8 great alternatives to a tie you can wear to work or formal social occasions.

by AGENT Staff
alternatives to ties
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With more relaxed professional dress codes, wearing a tie is no longer mandatory in many workplaces, but it’s still important to retain a neat appearance. There are numerous alternatives to ties for office wear, which are just as stylish and yet neat enough to stand as uniform dress in a professional setting.


Alternatives to Ties – Buyers Guide 2020

These 8 great alternatives to ties are perfect accessories for modern professionals.




1. Alternatives to Ties – Bow Tie



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Due to its classic elegance, the bow tie is perhaps the most popular of alternatives to ties. Although most men will wear one at black tie functions, they can also give a subtly distinctive twist to your everyday business wardrobe. Just remember that while loud-patterned bow ties and pre-tied variants will look perfectly acceptable during the day, neither of them look right with a tuxedo.

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2. Alternatives to Ties – Collar Chain



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If you are looking for edgier alternatives to ties, a collar chain might be the right option for you. As a recent trend for young men, collar chains are available in a sizeable array of designs, but it’s best to start simply, with some gold studs. To prevent your collar chain from looking gaudy, pair it with a slim black blazer and a crisp white shirt.

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3. Alternatives to Ties – Ascot Tie



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The Ascot, the 19th Century predecessor to the modern necktie, is a great way to give your wardrobe some antique flair. Worn under an unbuttoned collar, Ascots are excellent alternatives to ties during for summer, for keeping cool and casual. A paisley print in deep colours will stand out while complementing most shirt and jackets.

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4. Alternatives to Ties – Cravat



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Technically, the Ascot is a type of cravat, but today people usually use the word cravat to describe the formal variety. This is most often seen at weddings these days with morning dress, and is worn over a closed wing collar and fastened with a stickpin. This subtle grey striped option from Brooks Brothers would look great with a black or grey suit.

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5. Alternatives to Ties – Neck Bow



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In a throwback to 1950s rockabilly fashions, thin-ribbon neck-bows have a emerged as one of the coolest alternatives to ties, having appeared on runways for designers such as Gucci. Best paired with a slim white shirt and a statement shoe in black patent leather, Gucci’s version is silky black with a lion’s head embellishment in the centre.

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6. Alternatives to Ties – Bolo



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Over the past few years, the Native American Bolo tie has made a huge comeback, seen on celebrities such as Macklemore, Bruno Mars and Colin Farrell’s character in True Detective. Although there are plenty of Western outfitters producing cheaper versions, you’d probably be best off looking in vintage shops for something authentic and high quality. The one pictured here shows the particularly striking effect, with black onyx in a silver setting.

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7. Alternatives to Ties – Scarf



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Although this may not be the best idea for the summer months, in cooler transitional weather an open-neck shirt can look excellent paired with a good scarf. It’s important to not go too big or woolly, sticking to silk or fine cashmere. Be sure to stick to muted tones for your shirt and jacket when pairing them with a vibrantly patterned scarf.

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8. Alternatives to Ties – Solo Shirt



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The simplest solution when going tie-less is just to wear a smart crisp shirt alone. Although you may not get away with this in most formal occasions, in most smart-casual workplaces these days it’s acceptable to wear a suit with an open-neck shirt, especially in summer.

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