Cool Home Office Ideas at these 9 Breathtaking Homes

Last Updated: June 1, 2019

To brighten your day, take a look at these nine extraordinarily beautiful homes. It’s a breathtaking, whistle-stop tour of the globe, waymarked by stunningly standout residences in South Korea, Australia, Poland, South Africa, USA, Singapore, New Zealand and India.

by AGENT Staff
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Image Source: Freshome - Photography: David Ross and Barend Roberts

THESE nine extraordinarily beautiful homes will make your day. Not only would they inspire you to work from home, and provide you with an endless supply of cool home office ideas; they’re also simply amazing to look at. Enjoy this breathtaking whistle-stop global tour of dwellings in South Korea, Australia, Poland, South Africa, USA, Singapore, New Zealand and India.


1. AAWH Residence, Busan, South Korea

cool home office ideas - Homes-GB-1-AAWH

Image Source: HOMEDSGN

INSPIRED by refugees who had built irregularly-shaped homes in accordance with the mountains in Busan City, this beautiful, unusual resort-type residence was created. The home, designed by Architect-K, features breathtaking views due to its ideal location. The simplicity of the exterior colour scheme is retained throughout the home, with a modern, white hue that’s complemented by wooden furniture and decor. Materials used throughout include concrete, pine, bricks and metal panels, giving the residence a uniquely beautiful feel.

cool home office ideas - Homes-GB-1-AAWH-2

Image Source: HOMEDSGN



2. Williamstown Beach Residence, Victoria, Australia

cool home office ideas - Homes-GB-1-Williamstown-Residence

STEVE Domoney Architecture ensured breathtaking sea views when designing this incredible residence in Australia. The building is located just across from the beach and takes advantage of the vantage point with the inclusion of several large windows. Limestone is used throughout the home, in keeping with its seaside location, while warmth is emphasised by the rich timber structures. The interior would be perfect and inspire a whole range of cool home office ideas, with that sea view as a backdrop!

cool home office ideas - Homes-GB-1-Williamstown-Residence2



3. Two Barns House, Tychy, Poland

cool home office ideas - Homes-GB-3-Two-Barns-House

Image Source: Homedsgn

DESIGNED by RS+, this modern take on barns demonstrates pure architectural class and imagination. The brief specified a requirement for easy access to the garden, and to be spacious yet comfortable. Inside, the cream walls are complemented by light wood furniture. Parts of the house are designed to shade one another, so that certain rooms don’t take in too much sunlight in the afternoon, allowing them to cool down as the day turns to night.

cool home office ideas - Homes-GB-3-Two-Barns-House-2

Image Source: Homedsgn



4. Kloof Road House, Johannesburg, South Africa

cool home office ideas - Homes-GB-4-Kloof-Road-House

Image Source: Freshome  Photography: David Ross and Barend Roberts

A COMPLEX design theme is the signature of this dream home, created by Nico van der Meulen Architects and M Square Lifestyle Design. Its incredibly distinctive and unique exterior does not overshadow the essential beauty and style of the residence. The interior is dominated by the black concrete visible on the exterior, giving a distinctive visual appearance to this most luxurious modern home.

cool home office ideas - Homes-GB-4-Kloof-Road-House-2

Image Source: Freshome  Photography: David Ross and Barend Roberts



5. McElroy Residence, CA, USA

cool home office ideas - Homes-GB-5-McElroy-Residence

Image Source: Homedsgn

THIS private home was designed by Ehrlich Architects and is located at Laguna Beach in The Golden State, California. Its subtle, modest exterior is as uniquely beautiful as it is private. As the residents are regular beach-goers, a view of the ocean was essential, and was achieved through a spacious open lounging area (pictured below). The exterior leads to an exceptional interior, enclosed by limestone, marble, and wood walls, allowing easy access to the outer area of the house. This sense of free open movement suggests a range of cool home office ideas.

cool home office ideas - Homes-GB-5-McElroy-Residence-2

Image Source: Homedsgn



6. The Travertine, Serangoon, Singapore

FOR this beautiful home, Wallflower Architecture + Design was given a brief for a design that would maximise functionality—making it plentiful in cool home office ideas—while emphasising as many green areas as possible. The square-style exterior is as distinctive as it is appealing. Inside, on the ground floor, the living and dining areas have convenient access to the swimming pool and fish pond which is perfect for the generally sunny climate of Singapore.

cool home office ideas - Homes-GB-6- The-Travertine-2

Image Source: ArchitectureartDesign



7. Tuatua House, Omaha, New Zealand

cool home office ideas - Homes-GB-7-Tuatua

Image Source: Homedsgn

TUATUA, a private home situated in Omaha, is the complete embodiment of inspiration and creativity. While unusual, this residence was designed as a family holiday home suitable for guests and entertainment, with access to a garage, boat and sports equipment, and has a modest beauty about it. Dominated by wood and light colours throughout, this home has a distinctive allure, inside and out.

cool home office ideas - Homes-GB-7-Tuatua-2

Image Source: HomeDsgn



8. Berkshire Mountain House, MA, USA

cool home office ideas - Homes-GB-8-Berkshire-Mountain-House

Image Source: Freshome

TSAO & McKown Architects created Berkshire Mountain House, a contemporary home located in Alford, Massachusetts. Traditional farmhouses in the area were considered for the design, which employs an array of styles and layouts, with glass used extensively for convenient connection with the outdoors, taking advantage of the fascinating panoramic views. The rustic setting and gorgeous architecture would inspire a range of cool home office ideas.

cool home office ideas - Homes-GB-8-Berkshire-Mountain-House-2

Image Source: Freshome



9. Three Trees House, New Delhi, India

cool home office ideas - Homes-GB-9-The-Three-Trees-House

Image Source: Homedsgn

THREE Trees House, constructed in 2014, is a private residence located in New Delhi, India. Designed by DADA & Partners, the stunning home is 17,000 square feet. In terms of cool home office ideas, there are few parts of this breathtaking interior where you would not want base yourself. The interior is breathtaking, dominated by attractively shaded wood and white walls. Its courtyard includes a swimming pool and floating wooden decks that compliment the threshold of the house.

cool home office ideas - Homes-GB-9-The-Three-Trees-House-2

Image Source: Homedsgn


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