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Last Updated: April 27, 2021

In Los Angeles, image is everything, so it’s no surprise that the most imaginatively designed offices here make such a strong visual impact, with such features as indoor ponds, bleachers and cinemas serving to maximise employee inspiration in the City of Angels.

by AGENT Staff
los angeles office

LOS Angeles is home to some of the world’s most awe-inspiring workplaces, innovative office spaces that imaginatively use open planning and make features, talking points and facilities out of the kinds of creature comforts that help to keep employees positive and productive all day long. The Los Angeles office inspiration factor is high, and likely to cause some serious office-envy in other parts of the world.

While absolutely breathtaking, the signature Los Angeles office inspiration is entirely characteristic of a city where image is everything. The city’s most imaginatively designed offices make such a strong visual impact, coming as they do with such features as indoor ponds, bleachers and cinemas to maximise employee inspiration.

So without further ado, head out west and take in these 9 prime examples of Los Angeles office inspiration.


1. Hughes Marino, Los Angeles

los angeles office


HUGHES Marino, a commercial real estate firm, designed their own West LA offices with home comforts in mind. One of LA’s most innovative office spaces, occupying the tenth floor of a high-rise, is a perfect mix between clean white office and cosy sitting-room. Vibrant artwork, a velvet couch, jars of sweets and flowers create cute decorative interest, while employees can enjoy the on-site gym and koi pond.



2. Fullscreen, Los Angeles

los angeles office

Image Source: RAPT STUDIO Photography: Eric Laignel

YOUTH media startup Fullscreen’s Los Angeles offices reflect the energy and uniqueness of the company itself. Designed by Rapt Studio, the offices feature a large theatre area, open-plan seating space, two brightly-coloured kitchen areas and a games area with a pool table. The color scheme, which fearlessly combines white, red, cyan and daffodil yellow, create an energetic, youthful atmosphere.



3. Avery Dennison, Los Angeles

los angeles office

Image Source: HOK Photography: Eric Laignel

AS A global label and packaging company, Avery Dennison needed their Los Angeles headquarters to illustrate their focus on eye-catching aesthetics while allowing employees to collaborate. The finished product, designed by HOC, certainly achieves this, in one of the city’s most innovative office spaces. Unique design features include stadium-type bleachers, an indoor pond and informal lounge areas with multipurpose furniture.



4. TMZ, Los Angeles

los angeles office

Image Source: RAPT STUDIO

TMZ are a celebrity news company focusing on Hollywood, so the most important aspect of their Los Angeles office had to be the newsroom, where stories are picked up, developed and reported. Around the 9000 sq ft dome which houses the newsroom, the remainder of the office facilities are scattered in a warehouse-type space. Employees enjoy the use of a fully-stocked snack bar and a fun lunch area with a foosball table.



5. Framestore, Los Angeles

los angeles office

Image Source: DHD ARCHITECTURE Photography: Art Gray, Brooke McGowan

DHD ARCHITECTURE pulled off an impressive transformation when they turned a former industrial building into a beautiful studio for Framestore that is easily one of LA’s most innovative office spaces. Their design includes a square glass tower to bring light into the space and plenty of exposed cast iron and concrete to keep a warehouse-type feel. The office space is decorated with quirky found objects such as two period TWA Business Class plane seats and NYC Subway strap hangers.



6. Econ One, Los Angeles

los angeles office

Image Source: HOLLANDER DESIGN GROUP Photography: Jasper Sanidad

FORENSIC economy firm Econ One needed an office that encouraged communication while retaining some privacy. Hollander Design Group made this possible by creating visual walls with spaced wood panels that allowed colleagues to see and hear each other as they worked. The meeting rooms have glass walls to allow for more privacy, while a mostly white decor means the space is light and airy.



7. Cornerstone on Demand, Los Angeles

los angeles office

Image Source: OFFICE SNAPSHOTS Photography: Christopher Stark

CORNERSTONE On Demand’s Los Angeles offices are one of the city’s most breathtaking of innovative office spaces, with mirrored walls, neon lights and a vast outdoor lounge area for employees to relax. Designed by S.K.I.N Design, these inspiring headquarters includes a cinema space and round meeting hub seating. The colour scheme uses nearly exclusively shades of white and blue to create a clean, uniform feeling throughout.



8. Arup

los angeles office

Image Source: ZAGO ARCHITECTURE / Photography: Josh White

AS AN international design and engineering consultancy firm, Arup needed their Los Angeles offices to show their inspired approach to design. Developed by Zago Architecture, the space certainly displays originality and innovation. Indeed, there are a couple of features that alone makes it one of the most innovative office spaces in the city, and certainly one of the most distinctive—namely, sculptural custom-built desks that descend from the ceiling, and bold painted-concrete floors. The space is largely open-plan, allowing for collaboration.



9. Unispace, Los Angeles

los angeles office

IMAGE SOURCE: UNISPACE Photography: Lawrence Stark

UNISPACE, a design and architecture firm, created their offices in downtown Los Angeles with activity-based working in mind. The result is a beautiful open space which encourages communication between employees by using large communal desks and plenty of informal meeting spaces. Glass walls fill the offices with light, while pops of bright red throughout create visual interest.


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