7 Breathtaking Examples of Office Inspiration in Beijing

Last Updated: May 1, 2019

Beijing is home to some of the biggest names in office design, so it’s no surprise that many of the world’s most magnificent offices are to be found throughout the Chinese capital.

by AGENT Staff
office inspiration Beijing - Office Beijing - Featured Image - Stellar-Mega

Beijing, the capital of China, is one of the global giants, with its staggering population and economic power, as well as a rich and fascinating cultural heritage. There are more than 7,300 cultural relics and historic sites and upwards of 200 tourist spots, of which the incredible sights of the Forbidden City and The Great Wall are just the highlights. This thriving financial hub is also an office inspiration hotspot—incredible feats of workspace design and architecture that are the last word in productivity-inspiration and staff-friendliness.


1. Google

office inspiration Beijing - Offices Beijing - Google

Image Source: officesnapshots

Google has a stable of more than 70 offices worldwide, housing its global workforce of some 57,000 employees. The design standards in the Beijing office are at one with the web giant’s other workspaces. These headquarters include a spacious gym, games rooms, and have vibrant, playful colour and decor scheme throughout.



2. Mercedes-Benz

office inspiration Beijing - Beijing-Offices-GB-7-Mercedes-Benz


The Mercedes-Benz Beijing headquarters is a corporate training centre for the carmaker’s mechanical staff. Designers, WTL Design, were very much led by the Mercedes-Benz brief of showing appreciation to employees, and providing a workplace that was at one with the high product standards for which the company is renowned.



3. Woods Bagot

office inspiration Beijing - Beijing-Offices-GB-3-Woods-Bagot

Image Source: woodsbagot

This stylish open office design was completed by its owners, global architecture firm Woods Bagot, in 2011. In a modern, lively style, the company redesigned its own offices to reflect the considerable skills of its employees and inspire them to new heights. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow fantastic panoramic views of the city from almost every room in the building.



4. Stellar Mega Films

office inspiration Beijing - Beijing-Offices-GB-4-Stellar-Mega Firm

Image Source: officelovin

Movie-making company, Stellar Mega Films commissioned WTL Design with its office makeover, charging the designers to treat the Stellar Mega employees with the privilege and care that they’re renowned for among the firm’s clients. This instruction set the tone for the design of the workplace throughout: luxurious, modern and stylish.



5. Engie

office inspiration Beijing - Beijing-Offices-GB-5-Engie

Image Source: wtldesign

Engie is a French company, specialising in natural gas, renewable energy and energy services. WTL Design’s makeover of the company’s new Beijing offices focused on optimising natural light, and on emphasising an equality between each office, meeting room and private room in the building, ensuring a beautiful consistency and simplicity throughout.



6. JD.com

office inspiration Beijing - Beijing-Offices-GB-6-JD

Image Source: WTLDESIGNS

Very much an office inspiration showcase for the possibilities of merging brand values with creative artistry, WTL Design created JD.com‘s new Beijing offices, the company’s first official headquarters. The designers worked closely to the JD.com brief to achieve a vibrant and inspiring work environment that would encourage cooperation.



7. Airbnb

office inspiration Beijing - Beijing-Offices-GB-2-Airbnb


The aim of Airbnb‘s offices is to give its visitors and employees a feeling of being welcome and at home, and the work of Studio of Design and Architecture achieves this with a sense of style, spaciousness and simplicity. Luxurious chairs and sofas and vibrant, yet relaxing colours dominate the workspace, the homely atmosphere helping to keep employees in high spirits. It’s the last word in office inspiration!


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