Where to Eat in Berlin: 6 Incredible Restaurants

Last Updated: August 1, 2020

Berlin is one of the premier world capitals—an epicentre of economic and political power, and a tourism magnet, with visitors drawn by the city’s historic sights and vibrant arts and culture scene. Its culinary offering is also a world-beater, as can be seen from our brief guide on where to eat in Berlin.

by AGENT Staff
where to eat in Berlin
Image Source: Facil.De

Where to eat in Berlin? It’s an obvious question, whether for the numerous business visitors to the city or the hordes of tourists coming to and going from the German capital on a regular basis. Dining is a pleasure in Berlin, whether indoors or outdoors (the city is renowned for its hearty on-street specialties such as sausages and döner kebabs). But as the following summary of where to eat in Berlin shows, you can also experience some of the best dining in the world, entirely appropriate for such a prestigious world capital.


1. Reinstoff

where to eat in berlin GB 1 Reinstoff

Image Source: reinstoff.eu

Reinstoff is a modern gourmet restaurant, boasting two Michelin stars. Chef Daniel Achilles and business economist are jointly at the helm of this award-winning establishment, with its gourmet cuisine providing a unique dining experience for anyone visiting the city.



2. Facil

where to eat in berlin GB 2 Facil

Image Source: facil.de

Chef Michael Kempf and his team run the fantastic Facil on the fifth floor of The Mandala Hotel. The magnificent setting is a beautiful space, complete with retractable glass roof, and the service second to none, but it’s the Michelin-starred food that truly defines this award-winning restaurant.



3. Ganymed Brasserie

where to eat in berlin GB 3 Brasserie

Image Source: ganymed-brasserie.de

Ganymed Brasserie has a great riverside location in front of the Berliner Ensemble’s Theater am Schiffbauerdamm. This is a beautiful French-style restaurant, with cuisine that is just as impressive as the establishment’s location and décor, topped off with an appealingly elegant, classy atmosphere.



4. Hugo’s Restaurant

where to eat in berlin GB 4 Hugos

Image Source: hugos-restaurant.de

Guests will enjoy the professional, top-class cuisine at Hugo’s, a range of dishes that are accessible to all palates. German and regional quality products with international influences are exquisitely prepared, and the culinary experience is enhanced by the subtly modern setting and great service.



5. Vau

where to eat in berlin GB 5 Vau

Image Source: vau-berlin.de

Traditional, timeless elegance with a modern twist is the signature at Vau, which sets the tone for its dining experience through decor that’s dominated by a superb collection of paintings, complemented by warm lighting. The food is eclectically pan-European, in a bid to reflect the soul of Berlin, which, claims the restaurant’s website, “permits everything and prohibits nothing”.



6. Grill Royal

where to eat in berlin GB 6 Grill Royal

Image Source: grillroyal.com

Chef Michael Jäger is a connoisseur of quality meat, and his dishes at Grill Royal will impress even the most meticulous of guests. Anyone seeking the best of where to eat in Berlin should sample this establishment, the epitome of culinary class and sophistication, in its layout and décor, its menus, and its execution and service.


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