10 of the Best Restaurants in Lisbon

Last Updated: August 1, 2020

The Portugese capital’s hospitality sector is one of the best in the world, helping to ensure guests are treated to a memorable stay, whether visiting Lisbon for business or pleasure. Our guide to 10 of the best restaurants in Lisbon shows the diversity of options available here.

by AGENT Staff
best restaurants in lisbon
Best restaurants in Lisbon - Image Source: Atira-Te Ao Rio

Lisbon has an enviable reputation for its cuisine. Due to the sheer scale of its economy and the amount of international business done in the Portugese capital, the hospitality sector in the city embodies the finest standards in contemporary service, with an injection of the finest elements of its distinctive Meditteranean coastal culture. The best restaurants in Lisbon encompass a wide range of eateries, whether for extended meals or casual snacks, and the cuisine is outstanding. Here are 10 of the finest.


1. Cantinho do Avillez

best restaurants in lisbon

Image Source: joseavillez.pt

First up on our guide to the best restaurants in Lisbon is Cantinho De Avillez. Located in Chiado, this is a warm and welcoming dining destination, embracing modernity and culinary tradition in equal measure. Chef José Avillez’s focus is on quality cuisine, and he achieves this by delivering the most straightforward cuisine with the most stringent attention to detail. Beautiful food in a fresh, unfussy dining environment.



2. Atira-te ao Rio

best restaurants in lisbon

Image Source: atirateaorio.pt

Atira-Te Ao Rio boasts an incredibly picturesque location, and makes the most of it by setting tables and chairs right beside the water—a particularly impressive option at night time. Tables are available inside, but the main talking points and pivotal feature of Atira-Te Ao Rio, apart from its lovely cuisine, centre around its location and views.

best restaurants in lisbon




3. Belcanto

best restaurants in lisbon

Image Source: belcanto.pt

Boasting two Michelin stars, Belcanto restaurant opened in 1958, in Chiado. Its privileged location in Lisbon’s historical centre, the low-key yet unstinting attention to detail of its service, and its unparalleled cuisine has won a special place in the hearts of Lisbon residents and regular visitors to the city.



4. Hard Rock Cafe Lisbon

best restaurants in lisbon

Image source: facebook.com

The Hard Rock Café is famous worldwide for its quality food, refreshing drinks, and friendly, fast service. Offering multiple floors of stylish seating to enjoy American cuisine and local dishes, as well as a sleek bar, it’s a great spot for casual socialising or taking a break from a busy schedule in the city for some hearty food in an enjoyable atmosphere. The range of options available makes it a must for inclusion in any summary of the best restaurants in Lisbon.



5. Sommelier Lisbon

best restaurants in lisbon

Image Source: sommelier.pt

This unique wine restaurant, Sommelier Lisbon, is a fantastic spot to put on your ‘to visit’ list if wine is your thing. The aptly named Sommelier Lisbon is a welcoming space, where producers, traders, sommeliers and customers can interact and share experiences.



6. As Salgadeiras Restaurante

best restaurants in lisbon

Image Source: as-salgadeiras.com

Warm and romantic, As Salgadeiras provides a hearty dose of traditional rustic Portugese tradition in the heart of Lisbon. For larger groups who are travelling to the city, As Salgadeiras is ideal. Not only is the food and drink offering extensive and varied, but the spacious dining table accommodates 45 guest tables.



7. Clube de Jornalistas

best restaurants in lisbon

Situated in what was once a family villa, the Resaurante Club De Jornalistas is accessed through a discreet entrance that leads into a warm environment, rather like a home, which is divided into several dining rooms mirroring the original architecture and uses of the building. The main dining room was originally the villa kitchen, there was also a snooker room, a smaller dining room, and a beautiful internal garden, where service can be provided during summer. This is a real surprise oasis amid the bustle of the city, that makes it one of the best restaurants in Lisbon.



8. Casa Da Comida

best restaurants in lisbon

Image Source: casadacomida.pt

In the heart of Lisbon you will find Casa Da Comida, an elegant, sophisticated restaurant that has won acclaim for the ease with which it can cater for small groups to large business parties. The decor is atmospheric and inviting, and the food traditional, prepared with a refined eye for detail.




9. Cafe Do Rio

best restaurants in lisbon

Image Source: cafedorio.pt

With its extremely good service and cuisine, Cafe Do Rio is recommend to anyone visiting Lisboa. Specialising in hamburgers but also demonstrating exactly how vegetarian food should be made, this restaurant is ideal for a casual, comfortable meal.



10. Casa Nepalesa

best restaurants in lisbon

Image Source: casanepalesa.pt

Renowned for its mastery of culinary texture, aroma and natural flavours, the restaurant Casa Nepalese offers an extraordinarily wide range of cuisine that will please a diverse range of tastes. As well as its food, the restaurant’s convenient location and warm, comfortable interior seals the deal.


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