Superyacht Black Swan is Ultimate in Maritime Luxury

Last Updated: June 1, 2019

Designer Timur Bozca’s billionaire superyacht Black Swan concept is an ultra-modern, almost unimaginably sophisticated vessel that brings our wildest fantasies about the lifestyles of cinematic high-class billionaires a step closer to reality.

by AGENT Staff
billionaire superyacht Black Swan

TO DESCRIBE the billionaire superyacht Black Swan as the ultimate in ocean-going class and style hardly does this justice to this incredible dreamboat concept by designer Timur Bozca. It’s an ocean-borne palace, where any wealthy entrepreneur could comfortably mix business and pleasure, at a level of sophistication beyond the dreams of most of us.

This sleek, ebony arrow-shaped creation is the very stuff that kids fantasise about Marvel superhero Iron Man’s entrepreneurial alter-ego Tony Stark owning. Neither would Black Swan look out of place as the floating headquarters of an ultra-wealthy Bond villain.

billionaire superyacht Black Swan


Bozca’s renderings for Black Swan direct construction from aluminium and enforced steel, and the vessel’s visually stunning exterior design continues throughout, and the state-of-the-art tech and premium amenities that the designer has in mind elevate notions of luxury and style to dizzying highs.

While no official costing has been released, it has been speculated that the Black Swan could cost tens of millions of dollars to build.

billionaire superyacht Black Swan - aft deck


Black Swan’s aft deck is an extensive ‘beach’, where guests can either sunbathe on loungers, or go for a cooling dip in the pool. There are also balconies on the forward deck, protected by glass railings, that offer magnificently unobstructed views.

The aft upper deck is a helicopter platform, which is accessed via a concealed lift to ensure maximum comfort and convenience for guests.

The inside houses a master suite and six guest cabins with accommodation space for 12 guests. Between the main and upper decks is a strikingly angled glass wall, which allows stunning views over the aft deck and pool from the interior of the vessel.

billionaire superyacht Black Swan - deck view


Black Swan is built for speed as well as comfort. Bozca says: “Using the powerful image of an arrow as my inspiration, I tried to create an aerodynamic exterior that would give the yacht a distinctive look, while also improving efficiency.” Powered by four engines generating up to 23,172 horsepower, and with a fuel capacity of 183,000 litres, the billionaire superyacht Black Swan has a top speed of 28 knots.

billionaire superyacht Black Swan



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