7 Office Design Ideas that make Bristol a Workspace Leader

Last Updated: May 1, 2019

As one of the UK‘s busiest cities, Bristol has more than its share of imaginatively designed office spaces. Here are just a few of the finest.

by AGENT Staff
office design ideas - Bristol Offices - Featured Image - SpikeIsland

Bristol  is one of the UK’s most bustling economic hubs, the largest city in the south west of England, with a growing and vibrantly cosmopolitan population of an estimated 433,100. Notable for the regional pride of its residents, Bristol is rich in culture and heritage, and its economy. The birthplace of ‘The Phonebox Millionaire’, Dr Stephen Fear, and also home to Hargreaves Lansdown founder, Peter Hargreaves, the city has also become a standard-bearer for incredible office design ideas and concepts.

This is unsurprising. In addition to its busy financial and economic centre, Bristol is also celebrated for its vibrant creative and IT sectors, and its major offices, some of the UK’s finest, also include an array of flexible co-working facilities, imaginatively housed in some of the city’s repurposed buildings or in newer builds. With a hallmark of world-class excellence in creative design and workmanship, Bristol has some of the most staff-friendly workspaces an employee could hope for. Here are just seven of the finest office design ideas in Bristol.


1. DeskLodge

office design ideas - Bristol-Offices-GB-1-Desklodge

Image Source: Desklodge

First up on our list of outstanding office design ideas in Bristol, Desklodge is a flexible co-working space, located on Temple Way in the city. With DeskLodge, customers can either hire beautiful, vibrant, private offices, or drop in for a few hours, unplanned. The facility’s innovative, inspiring design aims to boost morale by providing the perfect working environment.



2. PwC

office design ideas - Bristol-Offices-GB-2-PWC

Image Source: Overbury

PwC had a specific concept of a workplace that promoted greater cooperation and teamwork, and encouraged a sense of togetherness, when planning its Bristol office. The office design idea, indeed, the entire end result, by Overbury, excels in all aspects of the brief. PwC’s Bristol headquarters is a vibrant, vitalising workplace that any employee would be proud to work in. The fit-out of this 30,000 square feet project was completed in 17 weeks.



3. Barclays

office design ideas - Bristol-Offices-GB-3-Barclays

Image Source: overbury

Notable features of the layout of Barclays Bristol headquarters included open plan space, meeting rooms, breakout areas and tea zones, as well as a new reception. Overbury was the company behind the creation of this beautiful, innovative design.



4. Potato

office design ideas - Bristol-Offices-GB-4-Potato

Image Source: glassdoor

Potato, a group that designs and delivers web applications, boasts a relaxed, positivity-infused office in Bristol. One of the most appealingly executed office space ideas in the city, Potato’s open spaces contain comfortable couches, music speakers and lights, as well as a central pool table, leaving employees in a playful and energised state of mind each day at work.




office design ideas - Bristol-Offices-GB-5-NVIDIA-1


NVIDIA, a visual computing and hardware company, had its high-tech offices in Bristol designed by architects Procter Associates in 2014. With intricate and captivating graphic designs by Artworks Solutions, the workplace also boasts a unique glass-enclosed office area and energetic, colourful seating.



6. Spike Design

office design ideas - Bristol-Offices-GB-6-Spike-Island

Image Source: spikeisland

Spike Design, Spike Island, is home to a number of offices and workplaces that are loaned to businesses looking for spaces. Many freelancers and small businesses may lack communication and cooperative engagement between their employees, which Spike Design’s areas have been designed to target and improve.



7. Bristol & Bath Science Park

office design ideas - Bristol-Offices-GB-7-Bristol-and-bath-Science-Park-1

Image Source: bbsp

Bristol & Bath Science Park is an environment that provides space, flexibility and support for science and technology businesses. Designed to actively inspire creative thinking, spur productivity and drive innovation, the facility offers just about everything that businesses and entrepreneurs need to accelerate and to reach their potential.


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