9 Fantastic Office Space Design Ideas in Chicago

Last Updated: May 1, 2019

Chicago is home to some of the biggest names in business and architecture, and so naturally, its workplaces are among the most striking to be found in the United States.

by AGENT Staff
office space design ideas

Chicago, the third most populous city in the US, is an economic powerhouse, where energy is the name of the game. It has some of the most famous landmarks in the world, including Lincoln Park Zoo, Willis Tower and Grant Park; great nightlife and a culture all of its own. It is also home to some of the biggest businesses in the world, as well as a roster of world-class award-winning architects. The modern offices of Chicago tap into the vibrancy of the city, with spacious, open-plan layouts—as well as accents of colour and humour in their décor—to foster collaboration and creativity among employees. Here are 9 incredible office space design ideas that make Chicago a world leader in stunningly designed, staff-friendly working environments.


1. Centro

office space design ideas

Image Source: PBDINC

Partners by Design developed the new Chicago office of digital advertising software company, Centro. Underpinning the theme of energy and growth, the workplace décor includes plants and greenery, an organic and inspirational signature that is conducive to the creativity of the company’s employees.



2. Lockton

office space design ideas

Image Source: cannondesign

Cannon Design was the creator of global insurance broker Lockton’s Chicago workplace. This business-to-business insurer’s headquarters conveys the company’s professionalism and reliability, while promoting innovation and a sense of a business that is growing—everything that you would expect from the best office space design ideas.



3. Equator Design

office space design ideas

Image Source: eastlakestudio

Popular design group, Eastlake Studio designed the new offices of packaging design company Equator Design, which required more space after entering a period of rapid growth two years from opening its original office in the same building. It’s one of the particularly effective office space design ideas, as the workspace also acts as a ‘shop window’ for the company’s skills and aptitudes, with a number of key locations where in-progress work is displayed.



4. Avant

office space design ideas

Image Source: eastlakestudio

Eastlake Studio designed the new offices of Avant this year in Chicago. The ‘town hall’ break area comes complete with beer taps, a Coke Freestyle machine, a snack pantry and a serving island, where breakfast and lunch are provided to staff.



5. Yelp

office space design ideas

Image Source: buildordie

Valerio Dewalt Train Associates fitted out a spectacular workplace for the Chicago division of Yelp. The top-ranked user-driven recommendation app providers were seeking a workspace that reflected the raw energy of urban life, as well as its professional ethics and the quality of its services.



6. Cards Against Humanity

office space design ideas

Image Source: vonweiseassociates

Creator of controversial humorous card games, Cards Against Humanity, has an open, creative workplace, reflecting the way its games are based on innovative, extraordinary ideas. As such, this Chicago office is a crucial creative and inspirational touchstone for the company’s employees.



7. Motorola Mobility

office space design ideas

Image Source: gensler

Gensler designed the new Chicago offices of Motorola Mobility. The two companies worked hand-in-hand to devise the programming, design and construction of this workspace in Chicago’s historic Merchandise Mart, creating a colourful and innovative space for the Motorola workforce.



8. Getty Images

office space design ideas

Image Source: officesnapshots

Box Studios designed the Chicago office of global digital media giants Getty Images. As would be anticipated from such a visual brand, this is one of the standout office space design ideas, with images from a variety of genres foregrounding the company’s service, with bright colour schemes acting as a fizzily fresh counterpoint, underpinning the professional, slick service for which the company is renowned worldwide.



9. Core Power

office space design ideas

Image Source: bxstudios

Re-energising muscle beverage company, Core Power recently acquired this strikingly designed workplace, the creation of BOX Studios. Farm-themed décor and design creates a fun visual signature, while the 12,000 square feet of workspace provides inspiring space as well as ample scope for the company to grow and thrive in.


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