Coolest Office Spaces in Cape Town: 6 Amazing Highlights

Last Updated: May 1, 2019

There is a palpable sense of architecture and design creativity running untrammelled in many of the offices in the South African city of Cape Town. Here is a sampler of the city’s coolest workspaces, to fire your office layout imagination.

by AGENT Staff
coolest office spaces cape town
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Approximately 3.7m people live in Cape Town, making it South Africa’s second most-populated city. But there is nothing ‘second best’ about the sheer quality of the offices and corporate headquarters to be found throughout this huge metropolis. But don’t take our word for it—simply channel the layout inspiration which helped to create these six of the coolest office spaces in the South African city.


1. Red Bull

Coolest Office Spaces Cape Town Offices GB 1 Red Bull

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Giant Leap designed the new headquarters for Red Bull’s South African operations. The workplace features a number of games areas and relaxation spots, which are ideal for nurturing and cementing relations between employees and boosting morale during downtime.



2. Merchants

Coolest Office Spaces Cape Town Offices GB 2 Merchants

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DHK created the new call centre and office design of Merchants’ iiNet operations. The feel is all-important in this office, with DHK’s work creating an ultra sleek and stylish atmosphere throughout the workplace. The iiNet contact centre is located in a former industrial premises, the landmark Rex Trueform building in Salt River.



3. 99c

Coolest Office Spaces Cape Town Offices GB 3 99c

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This unique headquarters, certainly one of the coolest office spaces in Capetown, was designed by Inhouse Brand Architects for the South African ad agency 99c’s Cape Town base. Notable for its range of unusual decorations and off-beat constructions, use of bold primary colours,  and extremely wide and open working spaces, this workplace has been designed for the maximum in open thinking and collaboration.



4. Barclays Africa

Coolest Office Spaces Cape Town Offices GB 4 Barclays

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DHK designed the Cape Town offices of Barclays Africa‘s digital development team, creating a distinctively modern atmosphere throughout the headquarers. The office is situated in a historic industrial building known as Longkloof Studios, and the energy of this office complements the vibrancy of the Cape Town neighbourhood in which it is based.



5. John Brown Media

Coolest Office Spaces Cape Town Offices GB 5 John Brown

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The contemporary and innovative Cape Town offices of John Brown Media were designed by Inhouse Brand Architects. The workplace is marked out by unusual details and structures that convey a sense of sleek, ordered professionalism throughout this fascinating work environment.



6. Striped Horse

Coolest Office Spaces Cape Town Offices GB 6 Striped Horse

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Haldane Martin recently created the modern African-themed office space of Striped Horse craft beer. This headquarters also serves as a show bar, where company representatives can meet clients and conduct beer-sampling sessions in a relaxed atmosphere.


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