9 Cute Cat Pictures of the Worlds Most Famous Office Felines 2019

Last Updated: November 1, 2019

To mark National Cat Day we have put together this gorgeous roundup of cute cat pictures taken at offices Internationally. This article includes 10 of the most adorable felines in the workplace that you’ll find anywhere on Earth! Enjoy!

by AGENT Staff

As you will see from this National Cat Day gallery of cute cat pictures, cats at work are no longer such a ‘fish out of water’ phenomenon. In fact as you will see in this post, some of the world’s best known office cats play a vital role in their organisations.

Cat lovers are just crazy about cats. They spend billions of dollars wordwide every year on their felines, not just on necessaries such as food, veterinary costs and even cat-themed bedding but also on food & drink bowls, and a whole range of other items including electronic taggers, tried and tested scratching posts, and toys… even cat T-shirts!

And you can bet that the cats in this particular post will be lavished with even more extravagant gifts. If you haven’t guessed yet, at AGENT we’re all cat lovers, and big supporters of cats at work and cat-friendly office policies, so here’s our tribute to cats at work with our list of the world’s most famous office cats.


1. Larry, The Downing Street Chief Mouser

Image source: Independent.co.uk


2. Lord Palmerston, The Foreign Offices Chief Mouser

Image source: Twitter.com


3. Freya, Chancellor of the Exchequer’s Cat

Image source: Metro.co.uk


4. Socks, The Clintons’ Cat was given the title of “Chief Executive Cat”

Image source: Catster.com


5. Stubbs, was voted the honorary Mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska

Image source: nydailynews.com


6. Stationmaster Tama, Head of Kishi Train Station in Japan

Image source: facebook.com


7. PC Tizer, The Kings Cross Railway Cat, London

Image source: purr-n-fur.org.uk


8. Millie, Bandai’s UK Official Mouser

Image source: metro.co.uk


9. Lemon, Member of the Kyoto Police Department, Japan

Image source: japanator.com


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