10 Cute Dog Pictures of Adorable Dogs in the Workplace 2019

Last Updated: June 1, 2019

To mark national puppy day we have put together this gorgeous roundup of cute dog pictures taken at offices throughout the US. This article includes 10 of the most adorable canines in the workplace that you’ll find anywhere on Earth! Enjoy!

by Agent Staff
cute dog pictures
Image Source: Facebook

As you will see from this National Puppy Day gallery of cute dog pictures, dogs at work are no longer such a ‘fish out of water’ phenomenon. Throughout the United States and Canada, for example, there are a host of pet friendly offices and dog friendly workplaces. Thanks to companies such as these, dogs at work are practically common place nowadays. The only variable is, how cute can they get?!

It seems we just can’t get enough of these best little friends the human race ever had. If that is not evident enough in terms of the affection most people have for dogs, just consider the economics. In the US alone, the pet industry is worth some $69bn, with expenditure on dogs accounting for a significant portion of this enormous spend.

Every year, dog owners not only splash out for essentials like pet food, bedding and veterinary care, but also on entertainment for their pooches, including dog toys, such as KONG Air Dog Squeakair Birthday Balls or the classic Duckworth Duck.

As you’ve probably gathered, at AGENT, we are big fans of dogs, and of dogs at work polices and dog friendly offices. So here is our little salute to the cutest dogs at work we could find in workplaces throughout the US.



Cute Dog Pictures Gallery – 10 Most Adorable Dogs at Work

We think you’ll agree from this roundup of ultra cute dog pictures of 10 of the most adorable dogs at work who we found working at for US companies, that it would be tough to find better, or certainly more loyal(!) work colleagues!



1. ‘Boo’ – Facebook


Image Source: Facebook

Boo the pomeranian the reigning monarch of cute dog pictures. Boo is Facebook’s most famous dog, and the canine, naturally, has a Facebook page. And what a Facebook page! With more than 17m ‘Likes’, a significant portion of the world’s population is landing on the page to see what Boo is getting up to in the office every day!



2. ‘Goron’ – Soundcloud


Image Source: Instagram

Goron is Soundcloud’s Chief Happiness Officer and, according to colleagues, is also the company’s resident style guru! Stay up to date with Goron’s daily adventures — and style tips — on his own Instagram page.



3. ‘Neville’ – Marc Jacobs International


Image Source: instagram

Marc Jacob’s bull terrier, Neville, has his own biography, I’m Marc’s Dog, that documents his life through pictures. Of course Neville also has his own Instagram account which has almost 200,000 followers.



4. ‘Stephen J Cogswell’ – GreenBiz Groups


Image Source: 3milliondogs.com

Stephen J Cogswell is the GreenBiz Groups office dog and ‘Director of Events’, and, according to CandadianBusiness.com is an important part of the company’s publicity strategy. So prominently is the Cogswell name on the thousands of email communications sent by the company, that it’s not uncommon for customers to call and ask to speak with Stephen.



5. ‘Yoshka’ – Google


Image Source: DogwithBlog.in

Yoska officially became Google’s first dog after his owner, senior vice-president of operations, Urs Holzle started bringing him to work in 1999. Google has a major office-dog culture at this point in time, but Yoshka’s pioneering influence and reputation still looms large. He even has a restaurant on Google’s campus in Mountain View, California, named after him, such is the extent of his impact on the company!


6. ‘Neptune’ – Thrillist


Image Source: thrillist.com

Neptune is a Goldendoodle and among his many skills is being an important reliever of stress for employees at the Thrillist Media Group offices, where is also ‘Lead Pawgrammer’. Personnel at the company are often to be seen playing with and talking to Neptune as they complete their tasks and assignments. To keep up to date with Neptune and his adventures around New York City, follow him on his Instagram account.



7. ‘Lenny’ – Wistia


Image Source: twitter

Wistia is an online software that allows you share and track the videos you post on the internet. When Lenny the office dog isn’t helping the Wistia team to recruit new humans to the staff, he helps out with the firm’s general publicity, modelling for PR shots and and starring in promotional videos for the company.



8. ‘Luella’ – Love Gang


Image Source: instagram

Luella is a seven year old French Bulldog with a passion for fashion. She has a whole wardrobe filled with her own clothes, shoes and accessories. As the canine representative of New York fashion design house Love Gang, Luella has a great sense of style, and enjoys helping shoppers with their purchases. Follow Luella on her own Instagram account for the best style advice! And if you don’t believe us, just ask rock legend, Iggy Pop. This selfie below is now the company’s Facebook profile pic.

Image Source: Facebook



9. ‘Euka’ and ‘Pawl’ – P&G Petcare


Image Source: P&G.com

Euka worked as vice president of communications at P&G Petcare for more than seven years—that is a long time in dog years, more than 50 years. So it’s unsurprising that in 2012, Euka decided it was time to call it a day, and she was succeeded by a canine named… Pawl Griffin. Pawl & his colleagues have been under new management since P&G subsequently sold its interests in pet food to Mars Inc and Spectrum Brands.



10. ‘Beast’ – Facebook


Image Source: facebook

Beast Zuckerberg belongs to Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan. For such a gorgeous dog, no list of cute dog pictures would be complete without him. His hobbies include playing, cuddling and herding sheep. Since his dad is the creator of Facebook, it’s not surprising that Beast has his own Facebook page with more than 2.5m likes.


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