Amazing Florida home is Ultimate in Home Office Inspiration

Last Updated: June 1, 2019

Florida is home to some of the world’s largest and most beautiful houses. The Sunshine State also has numerous gems that discreetly flaunt their charms, such as Estuary Custom 4—a fine and subtle example of modern residential design, perfect for living luxury and the kind of professional energy that makes for ideal home office inspiration.

by AGENT Staff
home office inspiration florida - Estuary-Custom-4-08-Outside

HOUSES such as Estuary Custom 4 represent much more than a living space. This gorgeous, contemporary residence, discreetly tucked away in Naples City, Florida, USA, is a particularly fine example of peerless architectural design, unstinting, second-to-none workmanship, and boundless creativity and—best of all in AGENT’s view—remarkable home office inspiration. Frankly, who would ever want to leave this place? Designed by Harwick Homes, Estuary Custom 4 is valued at around €7m (£5.39m/$7.85m), and subtly oozes ‘millionaire lifestyle’ appeal, to the front, rear and from every corner of its stylish, uncluttered interior.


Subtly Breathtaking ‘Curtain-Raiser’ Exterior

home office inspiration florida - Estuary-Custom-4-01-Outside

Image Source: HOMEDSGN  Photography: Giovanni Photography

ESTUARY Custom 4 has a striking exterior appearance, exuding modernity and sophistication. The front elevation of the home is an appropriately impressive curtain-raiser for more than 7,500 square feet of luxurious living space, with earthy, neutral tones used throughout, blending the residence seamlessly into its environment.

The home’s unobtrusive, natural feel is enhanced to the front with the inclusion of trees and shrubs that offset and don’t overpower the sense of fresh contemporary architectural and layout splendour that is the building’s signature.


Stunning Signature Swimming Pool

THE rear of the home is as stunningly imaginative as its front facade is simple. Amply proportioned sheltered and open seating areas, and the sleek and spacious, geometrically devised swimming pool with hot tub and stepping blocks, are beautifully framed by palm trees.

home office inspiration florida - Estuary-Custom-4-08-Outside


home office inspiration florida - Estuary-Custom-4-09-Outside



Incredible Home Office Inspiration from Open Plan Layout

THE subtle tones and themes of the exterior are continued throughout, making parts of the dwelling radiate home office inspiration. The sense of clean, uncluttered inspiration in the stunningly open-spaced living areas is enhanced by colour schemes and décor that is hued in browns, greys and whites. The living areas are served by large floor-to-ceiling windows that admit an abundance of natural light and afford lovely views of the exterior areas. A pool table, fireplace and wall-mounted LCD TV are just some of the standout features.

home office inspiration florida - Estuary-Custom-4-3-Inside


home office inspiration florida - Estuary-Custom-4-06-Inside-Living-Room



Resting Easy

WHEN you do need to chill out, the home’s plush, white master bedroom also boasts a mixture of neutral and wooden tones. It’s a spacious area dominated by a huge centrepiece rug, as well as a settee and glass table, wooden storage and cream-hued furniture. The room is also served by a balcony, providing yet another vantage point for viewing the house’s superbly laid out surroundings.

home office inspiration florida - Estuary-Custom-4-07-Inside-Bedroom



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