Home Office Inspiration – Urban Treehouse, Berlin

Last Updated: June 1, 2019

This beautiful residential project is a pair of treehouses, incorporated entirely into their natural surroundings. For those who benefit from immersion in nature, these modern dwellings are the ultimate in home office inspiration.

by AGENT Staff
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GETTING back to the healing benefits of the natural landscape is often a priority of those who can choose to work from home in a residence built to specifications that flow from their home office inspiration.

The Urban Treehouse project in Berlin takes this ‘getting back to nature’ concept to the nth degree, in one of the most unique residences that we have seen, and surely one of the most memorable.

These fascinating pair of private residences are located in the Zehlendorf district, and were designed in 2014 by the German company baumraum. According to the firm, the dwelling was “conceived as an experiment and a research project for new construction and housing in tune with nature”.


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Image Source: homedsgn


Urban Treehouse is a family project initiated by Hans-Joachim Stegemann and his developer grandson Kolja. For those who seek home office inspiration from cutting edge residential developments, the focus of the project was to enable the treehouse to serve as an ‘oasis’ environment that would inspire its occupants.

The Stegemanns’  idea of locating a treehouse in an urban space was itself an inspiring challenge for the team at Baumraum as treehouses are normally associated with rural environments.


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All aspects of the home follow the same theme, with light, natural wood and several plants and greenery, incorporating the home into its natural surroundings, while allowing it to stand out with its contemporary look.

The location of the dwellings is precisely on the urban-rural transition point—bordering a forest, within the vicinity of the beautiful lakes of Krumme mLanke and Schlachtensee—and so they serve as a bridge between the vibrancy of Berlin and the restorative properties of the countryside.


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The residence’s two units each have 21 square metres (226 square feet) of living space. Each has a four-metre tall base, and a lower terrace at a high of 2.6 metres.

The solid wooden constructions are breathable with high insulation qualities and heat storage capacity. The dwelling units are equipped with anything a resident could require, including a bathroom with shower, a kitchenette space and a comfortable bed, all flooded with natural light, and the solid wood interior spruce panels left visibly in their natural state.


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