7 of the Coolest Office Spaces in Hong Kong

Last Updated: May 1, 2019

Standing on the southern coast of China, Hong Kong is renowned for having the freest and most competitive economy in the world. No surprise, then, that many of Hong Kong’s companies are based in offices that set high standards for creativity in workplace design.

by AGENT Staff
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Hong Kong, with its population of 7m+ residents, is renowned globally for its governance, culture and vibrant economy. The city, which boasts a breathtakingly distinctive skyline (including the largest number of skyscrapers in the world), is home to such major visitor attractions as Victoria Peak and Disneyland, has a thriving hospitality sector, and, according to the World Competitiveness Yearbook is driven by the most competitive economy on earth. There are some fine workspaces throughout this thriving financial hub, which help to inspire the employees who work there to ever rising levels of productivity and creativity. Here are just seven of the coolest office spaces in Hong Kong.



1. Akin Gump

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Image Source: officesnapshots

International law firm, Akin Gump hired Spatial Concept for the design of its Hong Kong office in 2015. Throughout the interior, a combination of marble, wood and glass is used to create an elegant, welcoming and friendly atmosphere for clients and staff. One of the coolest office spaces in Hong Kong without a doubt.



2. The Wave

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Image source: officelovin  Photography: Scott Brooks

The Wave is a co-working space in Hong-Kong that provides support to startup businesses in the form of rounded resources in a creative and inspiring workplace. The area was designed by Spatial Concept, and is a pleasant working environment where all employees feel welcome and relaxed, playing a vital role in creating the frame of mind that helps get results.



3. Cyberport

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Image Source: officesnapshots

Axis Design International has designed a number of impressive offices for the Smart-Space 3 business centre, which is part of Hong Kong’s Cyberport community. Cyberport, the IT landmark of Hong Kong—and as such one of its coolest office spaces—is situated on the south side of the island and the businesses situated there enjoy fantastic views.



4. Leo Burnett

coolest office spaces - Hong-Kong-Offices-GB-4-Leo-Burnett

Image Source: leoburnett

Bean Buro created an innovative, collaborative space for the Hong Kong offices of world famous creative agency Leo Burnett. The office is laid out over 35,000 square feet on two floors, including a large external terrace. Inside, as well as beautifully designed working spaces all playing off the firm’s core values and ethos, there are numerous amazing touches, including an industrial-factory sliding door, actually an illusion created by the use of highly realistic sticker graphics.



5. Blueprint

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Image Source: officesnapshots

This exceptionally creative IT-centric co-working office was designed by PDM International in 2014 for Blueprint. A blue and white colour scheme and prominent artistic designs set the tone for this impressive area, which encompasses seven meeting rooms, an outdoor meeting area and a self-serve café.



6. JEB International

coolest office spaces - Hong-Kong-Offices-GB-6-JEB-International

Image Source: officesnapshots

Kplusk, designers of the Hong Kong offices of JEB International, aimed to provide luxury and homeliness for employees. Inside, there are bar stools, comfortable couches and social areas. A spectacular mixture of colours throughout the working spaces gives the office a vibrant feel that helps to keep morale high, and productivity ahead of the curve. Top to bottom, this one really sets the standard for the coolest office spaces in Hong Kong.



7. Microsoft

coolest office spaces - Hong-Kong-Offices-GB-7-Microsoft

Image Source: ibu

Probably the most famous occupant of Cyberport (see above) Microsoft occupies the building’s 13th, 14th and 15th floors. With sleek furniture supplied by IBU, and a fantastic colour theme and panoramic views from floor-to-ceiling windows, employees at Microsoft are certain to arrive and leave work each day in high spirits.


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