How to Fight Fatigue with Tana’s 5-Point Plan

Last Updated: June 1, 2019

Is your daily working life plagued by tiredness and sluggishness? If so, there is more to it than getting more sleep. Fitness expert Tana Cogan shows how to fight fatigue effectively, with a simple 5-step process.

how to fight fatigue
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Are you feeling fatigued more than usual lately, even if you’ve been going to the gym or otherwise staying active? You might even have been sleeping more in a bid to combat tiredness, to no effect. Well, when working out how to fight fatigue, it’s not just as simple as many people think it is, i.e., “Oh, I just need more sleep.”

If you are thinking this, you need to stop now and re-think how to fight fatigue. What many people do not realise is that fatigue is attributable to a range of factors, including: excessive sugar in diet; excessive caffeine intake; unchecked stress; sleeping with the television on; and not having a bedtime routine.



How to Fight Fatigue: My 5-Point Plan

So, if you are this far you’ve accepted that there is more going on with how to fight fatigue than simply going to be bed earlier. That’s half the battle. The rest is dealt with by devising a plan. Here’s 5 points that should answer any aspect of the ‘how to fight fatigue’ conundrum


1. Make sure you’re prepared to rest

Getting a good night’s sleep used to be easier for me. It was a matter of getting home and passing out after a long day. But circumstances change. And for everyone in this IT-crazy world, there are seemingly a million-and-one things going on and vying for our attention, making it increasingly difficult to shut off your mind. Here’s what I try to do, about 30-60 minutes before bedtime.

  1. Put down the phone
  2. Turn off the TV
  3. Either meditate, stretch or read a book.

If you do this at least half an hour before bedtime, it’s an ideal way of relaxing the body and and calming down the mind so that you are properly prepared for an uninterrupted night’s sleep.


2. Cut Back on Sugar

You may think that this hardly needs explaining, but it’s important. Try to reduce the processed crap from your diet, particularly sugar and alcohol. Too much consumption of processed foods, sugar and alcohol can cause us to be lazy, unfocused and unproductive.


3. Cut Back on Caffeine

Caffeine is another thing that you should either reduce significantly or eliminate all together. Too much of it, and it can disrupt sleep patterns, leading you into a vicious cycle whereby you consume more coffee to perk you up, which once again disrupts your sleep, and so on…


4. Get Into a Routine

Getting into a routine, as we’ve seen previously, can be a challenge, but take it from me, it’s important. I have never found it a cinch to maintain routines, and as life gets busier, it doesn’t get any easier… but it’s absolutely necessary.

So here is what my day looks like, up to 5pm: I wake up; go to workout; do errands; come home; get calls done; write; film if needed; knock out emails and communications.

By 5pm, I have my work done, and I can start to calm down. I stretch, meditate and read. This post-5pm activity is essential.

Lately, I’ve fallen out of my normal routine, and haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a while, meaning I’ve been tired more than usual during the day.

So if you are struggling with a routine, I feel your pain, BUT getting back into mine is my top priority. It should be yours too. Rest is so important.


5. Focus on Reducing Stress

Even reading the word ‘stress’ can be stressful! Stress causes our minds to go haywire. So we all need to work on keeping stress to a minimum in our lives. Here’s some simple pointers on what to do:

  • Stop Rushing: When people are in a rush, they seem so on edge, drive really erratically, and generally behave like idiots? So many of us rush through life. It cause us to be tense, stressed and irritable. Look at your time management to find ways that will help you slow down and enjoy life.
  • Don’t Over-Think: Have you ever looked at your agenda for the week and just started over thinking!? I know I have! I always think, how am I going to get all of this done with so little time!? Once, I break it into small chunks it always help calm me a bit. You also need to have faith, that everything will get done and workout how it is suppose to. The universe has a funny way of doing that.
  • Regularly do things that bring you joy: We are so caught up in what we need to do for others, work and errands that we forget about ourself. Adding something you enjoy doing daily is a great way to make stress go down. I always make sure I have time to Meditate because it brings me a lot of joy and peace.
  • Meditate: People always think “uh, I’m going to have to sit in a room and not think or do anything while I meditate” and thats not the case. When I meditate, I light candles turn on a guided meditation and think about my goals while I relax. I always feel way more peaceful when I meditate so I always recommend people giving it a try!



How to Fight Fatigue – Try the Plan for 10 Days

As I’ve mentioned, I am undertaking this journey with you, as my routine has been a little upside down lately, and it’s important to get back on track. Try these tips every day for the next 10 days, and you will be amazed at how well you feel. Good luck.


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