How to Wear a Tie – 3 Things to Remember in 2019

Last Updated: May 1, 2019

You might have the perfect business suit, but spoilt it all with a poorly chosen tie. Here are three key points you should remember about how to wear a tie.

by AGENT Staff
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The appropriate choice of necktie for a business professional or entrepreneur should never been underestimated. You’re working in environments where appearance and first impressions are everything. You may think that the tie is the most minor feature of your suit, but you’d be wrong. It has a huge impact, for good or ill, on the overall appearance of your suit. Here are three things to remember when considering how to wear a tie, and choosing a selection of neckties suitable for your professional wardrobe.


1. How To Wear A Tie – Tying the Knot


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If you don’t believe in the significance of ties, may we point you in the direction of physicists Thomas Fink and Yong Mao and their collaboration, The 85 Ways to Tie a Tie: The Science and Aesthetics of Tie Knots. Mm-hmm, that’s right! 85 ways. The subtitle of the book sums up seven words what you need to understand about knotting a tie. It really is a matter of scientific method for aesthetic effect.

Through the history of ties and knots, the discovery of new knots, and much more, Fink and Mao disentangle ‘knot theory’ to show the veritable universe that lies beyond the four knots that are commonly used for tying neckties.

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2. How To Wear A Tie – The ‘Right’ Choices

The ‘right’ choice is, of course, purely subjective, and therefore a matter of some contention, but to start out with what we can agree on, the tie should be one of the defining features of your overall suit. One simple way to ensure the ‘right’ choice for a professional setting is not to make it stand out too vibrantly.

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Sure, you may very well like to ensure that you have the finest ties going, such as this one from Armani, which costs almost $140. But as you can see, that budget is clearly not for the expressiveness of its design, but the quality of its manufacture.

This, of course, will not be for everyone, but there are lower budget options for simple yet classically effective combinations of colours (whether through a subtle woven pattern or print) to complement your suit. That’s the most effective way to ensure that your tie will match your suit with a pleasing accent.

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Finding the right quality tie shouldn’t be too difficult, given the increasing number of menswear companies and labels that have broadened the affordability range for high quality neckties to suit all tastes and budgets.



3. How To Wear A Tie – The ‘How Not to’ list

how to wear a tie

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The ‘how not to wear a tie’ list is quite a bit more extensive than its ‘how to wear a tie’ cousin, so it’s important to look at a couple of things on the how not to side of things as well. Even if you have the loveliest tie in the world, quite a few mistakes can go unnoticed when putting it on — particularly if it’s for work and you’re in a hurry to leave the house.

Other red flags to bear in mind if you’re interested in how to wear a tie, include: poor quality materials; inappropriate colour; pictures or loud, irregular patterns; stained, wrinkled, frayed or otherwise damaged or worn material; and improper proportions (too broad or too skinny for the suit).

The latter point is crucial when considering how to wear a tie. A necktie that’s too short or too long; a loose or carelessly tied knot; or a knot that shows any part of the narrow end of the tie, are major flaws.

We’re going to assume if you’ve read this far that keeping a vigilant eye out for dirty, wrinkles or wear and tear on your material should be taken as a given. The two most important things to bear in mind are the points at number 1 and number 2 above — the choice of tie, and tying the knot.

As a parting shot here, we wholeheartedly recommend Alan Flusser’s brilliant book, Dressing the Man >, which is the definitive guide to what men need to know in order to dress well and look stylish.

Alan Flusser has an encyclopedic knowledge of men’s clothes, and a witty, elegant writing style, which he brings to bear on the central burning question of men’s fashion, which is this: at a time when men have never had more money to spend on clothes, and more choice, why are there fewer well-dressed men than ever before? It’s a great drill-down into the very basic fundamentals of stylish dressing, and no-one who’s conscious about their appearance should be without a copy.


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