5 Innovative Office Spaces in San Diego

Last Updated: July 1, 2019

San Diego is a location that’s renowned for cutting-edge businesses in telecomms, biotech, IT, and other major industries. These 5 cool workspaces in the US city show that the business energy is at least partly driven by the creatively designed offices that house many of these firms.

by AGENT Staff
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Image Source: OfficeSnapshots.com

San Diego is probably most renowned internationally as a tourism destination, and for its many miles of white-sand beaches, incredible weather and fun attractions to suit all ages. However, this Southern California coastal city is also notable for its prominence in telecommunications, biotechnology, software, electronics and other major industries. As the following five of the city’s most innovative office spaces suggest, the output of this buzzing business hub is at least partly inspired by the creative spaces that many businesses in San Diego call home.


1. Swinerton Builders

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Image Source: idstudiosinc.com

ID Studios redesigned the San Diego offices of contractors Swinerton Builders in 2012 to provide employees with a light-infused, industrial-modern workplace.



2. CoreLogic

innovative office spaces San Diego Offices GB 2 Corelogic

Image Source: idstudiosinc.com

ID Studios’ second project on the AGENT list is its creation of CoreLogic‘s San Diego workplace. The new office quarters provided an excellent opportunity for the IT company to create a cultural change and start afresh in a new environment.



3. Pirch

 innovative office spaces San-Diego-Offices-GB-3-Pirch

Image Source: hollanderdg.com

Hollander Design Group completed the design of a new headquarters for San Diego-based lifestyle retailer Pirch. The funky and appealing decor style is an aspect common to the city’s most innovative office spaces. It creates a positive atmosphere, which benefits from an abundance of natural daylight in its many open areas.



4. Achieve Internet

innovative office spaces San Diego Offices GB 4 Achieve Internet

Image Source: officesnapshots.com

Web development firm Achieve Internet recently redesigned its headquarters in San Diego. In an interesting move by the company, the 4,200 square foot workplace was given a makeover by employees of the firm. This distinctive office space design strategy has ensured a personal, morale-boosting atmosphere where heightened productivity is all but guaranteed.



5. Neustar

innovative office spaces San Diego Offices GB 5 Neustar

Image Source: studios.com

After successfully working on internet communications firm Neustar’s San Francisco offices, STUDIOS Architecture was engaged to design the company’s San Diego workspace. The result is a bright, uncluttered, attractively modern design that reflects the online business’s class and professionalism.


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