Home Office Inspiration: 8 Amazing Houses in Los Angeles

Last Updated: May 1, 2019

Dream of your ultimate home-office goals by joining AGENT on a trip to Los Angeles for a look at some of the most mind-blowing houses in the world.

by AGENT Staff
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LOS Angeles is a city where image and fame is all important, so naturally, it boasts some of the most awe-inspiring homes on the planet. These 8 incredibly breathtaking residences alone make Los Angeles one of the world’s capitals of home office inspiration.



1. 6654 Emmet Terrace

home office inspiration - Home-Goals-GB-1-Los-Angeles

Image Source: homedsgn

6654 Emmet Terrace is a contemporary dream home that is currently on sale, valued at €4.5m, from Ori Ayonmike, who also designed it. With its 20 foot ceilings, a giant movie theatre, a two-car garage, gourmet kitchen, custom wine cellar, full size pool and hot tub, and an indoor gym/yoga room, you will never need to leave home again!

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Image Source: homedsgn



2. Edwin Residence

home office inspiration - Home-Goals-GB-2-Los-Angeles

Image Source: homedsgn

RE-DESIGNED by ANDstudio in 2015, the 3,400-square-foot Edwin Residence has stunning panoramic views of Los Angeles from the living room and, the finishing luxury touch, the swimming pool. There’s no doubt that ANDstudio have created a dream home; a space of beauty, tranquility and relaxation.

home office inspiration - Home-Goals-GB-2-Los-Angeles-2

Image Source: homedsgn



3. Whitfield Ave East

home office inspiration - Home-Goals-GB-2-Whitfield Ave East

Image Sourcefreshome

THE OCEAN views are just one of the many features that make this Pacific Palisades residence a true dream home. Whitfield Ave East was designed by Nadav Rokach, and the interior by Eliana Rokach, and it exudes openness and modernity. A new construction covering 6,455 square feet, the building was constructed by Building Solutions & Design. This amazing home has all the privacy and seclusion you’d need, whether to enhance your business or leisure time.

home office inspiration - Home-Goals-GB-2-Whitfield Ave East-2

Image Source: freshome



4. Mar Vista House

home office inspiration - Home-Goals-GB-4-Vista Mar

Image Source: freshome

LOCATED in LA’s popular Mar Vista neighborhood, this refreshingly modern home has a number of beautifully intricate details that enhance a veritable reservoir of home office inspiration. Floor-to-ceiling windows and multi-slider doors ensure a connection with the beauty of the outdoors, while natural light floods into the interior, giving it a fresh, innovative feel.

home office inspiration - Home-Goals-GB-4-Vista Mar-2

Image Source: freshome



5. Hollywood Hills House

home office inspiration - Home-Goals-GB-5-Avicii

Image Source: freshome

HERE is a verifiably A-List slice of home office inspiration. One of the world’s most celebrated DJs, Tim Bergling (better-known as Avicii) owns this incredible home in Hollywood Hills. The 7,000 square feet residence was designed by McClean Design and decorated by Brown Design Inc, with six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a kitchen, and a breathtaking panoramic view of the city’s skyline from a swimming pool that divides the house in two. Chez Avicii is inspiring proof of where hard work and determination can get any of us in life.

home office inspiration - Home-Goals-GB-5-Avicii-2

Image Source: freshome



6. Zig-Zag House

home office inspiration - Home-Goals-GB-6-Zig-Zag-House-682x1024

Image Source: homedsgn

THE spectacular Zig-Zag House is a private home designed by Dan Brunn Architecture, covering 4,844 square feet, and is located in Venice, LA. The exterior is standout white, with a modern theme and fascinating shape, while the interior is no different. Majestic part-glass staircases guide guests through this inspiring building, making this a real dream home. For those who incline towards working at home, the interior offers some starkly inspiring and spacious home office inspiration.

home office inspiration - Home-Goals-GB-6-Zig-Zag-House-2

Image Source: homedsgn



7. Beverly Groove Residence

home office inspiration - Home-Goals-GB-7-Beverly-Groove-2

Image Source: homedsgn

A FANTASTIC portrayal of quality, the contemporary Beverly Groove Residence boasts amazing city and sea views, while maintaining a fitting, modern exterior facade. Designed by BO.SHI Architects, the luxury home exudes class and inspiration.

home office inspiration - Home-Goals-GB-7-Beverly-Groove

Image Source: homedsgn



8. Riggs Place Residence

home office inspiration - Home-Goals-GB-8-LA-Residence

Image Source: freshome

THIS modern, two-storey, single-family residence was designed by Soler Architecture. Outside is a picturesque pool, accessible from both floors. The interior sports a complimentary combination of wood and subtle green hues. A beautiful pad!

home office inspiration - Home-Goals-GB-8-LA-2

Image Source: freshome


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