Home-Office Goals: Singapore

Last Updated: June 1, 2019

Feast your eyes on some of the most beautiful houses in Singapore, simply astounding properties that could accommodate even your loftiest ‘working from home’ ambitions.

by AGENT Staff
houses in Singapore
Image Source: HomeDsgn

THE city state of Singapore is a huge, densely populated business hub, and home to a large number of millionaires. Many of these wealthy entrepreneurs work from home as much as they do the spectacular offices and buildings to be found here. And when you look at our list of amazing houses in Singapore, it’s easy to understand why—they’re sumptuous residential palaces, and havens of inspiration and productivity.


1. House with Screens

houses in Singapore - GB 1 House-with-Screens

Image Source: homedsgn

LOCATED in Sand Play Area, House with Screens is a residential project completed by ADX Architects. The stunning, large home is a modern paradise for its occupants. There could be fewer more perfect places and inspiring environments where you could set up a home-office!

houses in Singapore - GB 1 House-with-Screens 2

Image Source: homedsgn



2. No. 2

houses in Singapore - GB 2 no 2

Image Source: HOMEADORE

SECOND on our list, aptly, is No. 2, a private residence, designed by Robert Greg Shand Architects, which was completed in 2016. The unusual design, which is a showcase for beautiful, contemporary styles, creates a fantastic degree of domestic luxury and comfort, while its slick, corporate feel also makes it a perfect place to work from.

houses in Singapore - GB 2 no 2 2

Image Source: HOMEADORE



3. Villa Mistral

houses in Singapore - Singapore Homes GB 3 residence

Image Source: homedsgn

DESIGNED by Mercurio Design Lab in 2014, Villa Mistral, which is sheer eye-candy for architecture enthusiasts, is one of an impressive line of other homes of similar quality. The home looks—and feels—like a luxurious ship, a feeling that is reinforced by whitewashed walls and features, and by the picturesque pool to the ‘bow’ of the home. Just the job, really, if you need a feeling of ocean-borne inspiration without ever leaving dry land. Definitely a standout of the many beautiful houses in Singapore.

houses in Singapore - GB 3 residence 2

Image Source: homedsgn



4. Greja House

houses in Singapore - GB 4 Greja House

Image Source: ARCHDAILY

GREJA House was designed by Park + Associates. The home is located in a beautiful area of Singapore area, and covers 4,220 square feet. With an open feel, a beautiful spiral staircase feature, and a strong emphasis on greenery and nature throughout, Greja House has a calm, clean atmosphere, with healthy, organic nuances and textures, that can’t fail to inspire its owner.

houses in Singapore - GB 4 Greja House 2

Image Source: ARCHDAILY



5. OOI House

houses in Singapore - GB 5 OOI House

Image Source: homedsgn

OOI House is a veritable dream palace of a home, completed by Czarl Architects back in 2009. With unusual architectural stylings that have kept it abreast with subsequent style trends, OOI House is one of the most incredible houses in Singapore, its spectacularly irregular-shaped exterior leading to stunning open spaces with huge windows and glass walls that admit the maximum natural light.

houses in Singapore - GB 5 OOI House 2

Image Source: homedsgn


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