8 of Istanbul’s Best Office Layouts for Inspiring Productivity

Last Updated: May 1, 2019

As a major Turkish business hub, Istanbul is home to some of the biggest names in business, and so high-standard office layouts are to be found everywhere. Here are just eight of the best.

by AGENT Staff
best office layouts, istanbul

Istanbul is a massive Turkish economic centre, second only to Ankara, that is home to such amazing attractions as Hagia Sophia and Galata Tower. For a centre of history and heritage, Istanbul also leads the way in contemporary architecture, especially in its offices, some of which are home to the world’s biggest business names. Here are eight workspaces in Istbanbul that are among the world’s best office layouts for inspiration of employee productivity, innovation and collaboration.


1. D&R Headquarters

best office layouts, istanbul, D and R

Image Source: osomimarlik

The 23,000 square-foot layout for entertainment wholesale company D&R’s Istanbul headquarters was carried out by OSO Architecture in 2015. With 190 staff throughout its headquarters, D&R’s brief was for a bright and colourful workplace, to encourage a positive, welcoming and collaborative working environment for employees.



2. Vogue Design

best office layouts, istanbul, Vogue Design

Image Source: vogue-design

Vogue-Design has created an extremely smart, modern workplace for its Istanbul headquarters. In a business where first impressions really do last, one of the company’s primary goals was to demonstrate its skills and abilities to the public and visiting clients.



3. SBM Insurance

best office layouts, istanbul, SBM Insurance

Image Source: adort

Insurance firm SBM was aiming for a strikingly contemporary layout for its Istanbul offices. In a layout completed by A4 Architects in 2015, the office’s interior offers a spacious yet comfortable feel for employees, while the spacious and open public areas inspire confidence in visitors, leaving a memorable first impression.




best office layouts, istanbul, Lego

Image Source: osomimarlik

Lego is a brand name known worldwide, as creators of the popular kids toys. OSO Architecture designed this Istanbul office, and the result is undoubtedly one of  the city’s best office layouts, effectively emphasising and implementing the iconography of the company’s product throughout the workplace, carrying this brand-immersion through to the colour scheme, which is inspired by LEGO brick colours.



5. Ebay

best office layouts, istanbul, Ebay

Image Source: osomamarlik

OSO Architecture makes its third appearance on this list for its breathtaking work on Ebay’s Istanbul office, which was completed in 2012. The entire workspace exudes inspiration and creativity, with individual names for meeting rooms, circle patterns, and social areas, as well as a fantastic decor and colour scheme.



6. Zenith Barter

best office layouts, istanbul, Zenith Barter

Image Source: nmmimarlik

Offices don’t come much more vibrant and colourful than Zenith Barter‘s Istanbul space, designed by NM Architecture in 2013. The office is positioned on a single floor and is divided into two sections, both of which inspire high energy and positivity through their colourful decor and fun features.



7. Yandex

best office layouts, istanbul, Yandex

Image Source: zabor

Yandex, a big name in the world of search engines, is renowned for its fantastic offices throughout the world. Its Istanbul office, designed by Za Bor Architects, underscores the Yandex reputation, with another bright, eccentric workplace that keeps their in a positive and inspired state of mind.



8. Renkmobil

best office layouts, istanbul

Image Source: yapistudyo

Renkmobil, the Turkish mobile app developer, has a spectacularly colourful workplace, designed by Yapi Studyo. This office, another of the best office layouts in Istanbul, encompasses a huge variety of fantastic designs and individual spaces, each given an energetic burst by the vibrant, fun colour theme.


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