Breathtaking Architecture, Incredible Design at these 7 Offices in Mexico

Last Updated: February 1, 2021

Mexico is home to some of the biggest names in business and most imaginative architectural brains as well. It’s a potent combination that results in some of the most amazing offices to be found anywhere in the world.

by AGENT Staff

Mexico exerts a strong gravitational pull on visitors attracted by tales of Cortés and the Aztecs; its beautiful coastlines and cities; its connection with ancient civilisations; its vibrant arts and culture.

It is also a massive global economic centre, and a world-leader in corporate and business architecture, with some of the world’s most prominent business names, and its leading architects, based in the country.

Here is a representative selection of just seven of the most notable offices to be found in Mexico, mostly in Mexico City, but with one great entry from Guadalajara that also made our list.


1. 4E, Mexico City

Mexico Offices GB 1 4E

Image Source: officesnapshots

A fantastic design by Oxígeno Arquitectura, the workplace of bodycare products company 4E, is truly one of the best in the country. The concept of the design focuses on the link between working space, modern design and the concept of fluidity. The interiors resemble the symbols of 4E, which are water and purity.



2. Volaris, Mexico City

Mexico Offices GB 2 Volaris

Image Source: SPACEMEX

Designed by Space, the Mexico City office of Volaris oozes vibrancy and fun. The airline company is known as a low-cast carrier, but its headquarters is anything but low budget, thanks to its breathtaking open spaces, eccentric, energetic design schemes and colours, and convenient hangout spaces for employees.



3. Lenovo, Guadalajara

Mexico Offices GB 3 Lenovo


This 2014 renovation project for the Guadalajara team at Lenovo, was carried out by Contract Workplaces, which designed a fantastic new space. It’s a working environment that breathes class and high quality, and the design and colour scheme smartly emphasises for visitors and clients the insistence on quality in the company’s ethos.



4. Lorant, Mexico City

Mexico Offices GB 4 Lorant


Eskema Architects is the design firm behind the layout of Lorant’s stunning new workplace. An insurance brokerage that was relocating from the office in which it had been based for more than four decades, Lorant commissioned a design and layout brief that would emphasise its core values, as well as reflecting its more recent evolution. The elegant and stylish layout is achieved through a blend of rich wood, marble and distinctive crimson colour accents.



5. Bridge Business Centre, Mexico City

Mexico Offices GB 5 Bridge Business Centre

Image Source: marcovillamateos

Studio Marco Villa Mateos developed the fantastic office design for the Bridge Business Centre in Santa Fe, Mexico City. The Business Centre was designed with the aim to redefine the workspace and encourage friendly networking. It’s a space that reflects Marco Villa Mateos’s aim to creatively link research, the design industry, the business community and society.



6. ASICS, Mexico City

Mexico Offices GB 6 ASICS

Image Source: facileboreiro

The new offices of global shoe brand ASICS, in Mexico City were designed by Faci Leboreiro Arquitectura. The aim was to incorporate the beliefs and style of the company into the very fabric of its working environment. The outcome of the design process is a fantastically energetic and contemporary space that also stylishly underlines the finest traditions of classic, quality architecture.



7. Arrow Electronics, Mexico City

Mexico Offices GB 7 Arrow Electronics

Image Source: officesnapshots

Eskema Arquitectos created the Mexico City office of Arrow Electronics in 2015. The firm’s branding was a pivotal aspect of the design, and so is displayed prominently throughout the office, magnifying the company’s values and goals. Bright white tones prevail while blue accents for enclosed spaces and carpets enhance the modern look.


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