7 Milan Office Designs that make for Workspace Delight

Last Updated: December 1, 2018

The Italian city of Milan, famous worldwide for its fashion and entertainment industry and such cultural landmarks as La Scala opera house, is also a base for some of the biggest players on the global business stage, with offices befitting the city’s status as an international culture and style capital.

milan office designs AGENT-220816-Milan Offices-Featured-Nestle

Milan is renowned worldwide as a capital of sophistication and style, thanks to its high end fashion, its bustling commerce and palpable sense of history and culture. It is also an economic powerhouse of Italy, and so is a key European base of operations for some of the world’s best known brands. The following magnificent seven Milan office designs cannot fail to brighten your day.


1. Akami

milan office designs GB-1-Akami

Image Source: officesnapshots

Developed by global design firm Unispace, the headquarters of content delivery network Akamai, exude the vibrance and creativity characteristic of the best Milan office designs. The layout makes for an open and flexible workspace that encourages fluid communication and a spirit of collaboration between employees.



2. Autodesk

milan office designs 2 Autodesk

image source: inhabitat

Software company Autodesk commissioned Goring & Straja Architects to design its new offices in Milan. Autodesk was aiming for an office design that combined the most sustainable architectural and layout techniques with an appearance that was the very epitome of international spirit and Italian flair.



3. Alcatel-Lucent

milan office designs Alcatel Lucent

Image Source: degw

DEGW created the new Milan headquarters of global telecommunications equipment provider Alcatel-Lucent. Another of the standout Milan office designs, its layout helps to bring the company’s offices and laboratories together in a unified building, which is notable for its fresh and open uncluttered spaces.



4. Nestlé

milan office designs Nestle

Image Source: degw

Another entry on this list for DEGW, who designed the interior spaces of Nestlé’s new headquarters in Milan. The designers focused on finding the best solutions to encourage the Nestlé team’s dynamic use of the premises, and to accommodate flexible working styles.



5. Google

milan office designs Google

Image Source: archdaily

Designed by AMA, the Milan Google office is in keeping with the styles and layout schemes characteristic of all the tech giant’s offices globally. Bright, primary colours dominate the fixtures and décor, acting as vivid highlights of the open spaces throughout, which encourage interpersonal communication and team collaboration.



6. LinkedIn

milan office designs LinkedIn

Image Source: pinterest

The new Milan offices of LinkedIn were designed by Il Prisma, working to a concept of the office as an area of transformation. Embodying LinkedIn’s corporate values and its ethos of helpfulness, the layout also focuses on individual details and personal values, and also incorporates several games and amenities for the company’s employees.



7. DOCOMO Digital

milan office designs

Image Source: officesnapshots

Designers Cristiana Vannini are behind the new Milan offices of DOCOMO Digital (formerly Buongiorno), part of the Japanese group NTT DOCOMO. This is a classy and sophisticated office, with tech-inspired smooth lines and neutral colours that are softened and given dynamism by wooden surfaces, brightly coloured soft furnishings and décor.


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