An Incredible 9 of the Best Office Interiors in Moscow

Last Updated: May 1, 2020

Moscow is the capital and most populous city of the Russian Federation, so little surprise that its streets are home to some spectacular offices. Our list gives only a narrow, top-flight indication of the generally amazing standards in workspace design throughout Moscow.

by AGENT Staff
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As capital of one of the world’s largest countries, Moscow has one of the largest municipal economies on earth, as is also a global epicentre of history, culture and beautiful architecture. Renowned as a world centre for advances in scientific and educational advancements, Moscow is an economic powerhouse, and is home to a large number of stunningly designed offices and corporate headquarters. Here are just nine of the best office interiors in Moscow, their architectural creativity and design innovation quite characteristic of the standards throughout the Russian capital city.


1. Saatchi & Saatchi

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First up on our survey of the best office interiors in Moscow is Saatchi & Saatchi, located in the heart of the city, and created by VOX Architects in 2015. The world famous communications and advertising agency has 140 offices in 76 countries, employing over 6,500 staff. For the Saatchi & Saatchi office theme, VOX focused on a garage-style feel, using random objects throughout the workplace, tapping into the advertising company’s core values of simplicity and creativity.



2. Tetra Pak

best office interiors - Moscow-Offices-GB-2-Tetra-Pak

Image Source: officesnapshots  Photography: Sergey Volokitin

ABD Architects recently completed the design of the Moscow offices of global packaging company Tetra Pak. Much of the interior reflects the company’s history and heritage, with various unique carpets, floor coverings and stunning graphics adding a touch of drama to each room.



3. Match Point

best office interiors - Moscow-Offices-GB-4-Match-Point Sales

Image Source: officesnapshots

Another of the best office interiors to be found in Moscow is the headquarters of Match Point, a multi-purpose complex with apartments and arenas, which places an emphasis on youth, opportunity and creativity. The interior designers for this layout, UNK project, reflected these values in the design of the office. The colour themes throughout also tap into the energy of youth and activity, providing the most suitable atmosphere possible.



4. Nayada

best office interiors - Moscow-Offices-GB-5-Nayada

Image Source: nayada

Workspace designers Nayada undertook a major redesign of its own offices in Moscow, so the facility provides demonstrable evidence of the company’s own skills and capabilities. The main aim of this project was to create a modern and welcoming working environment for the company’s employees and administrative staff.



5. RD Construction

best office interiors - Moscow-Offices-GB-6-RD-Construction

Image Source: archdaily

Architects Ind Office developed the Moscow workplace of contractor RD Construction in 2015, evoking a clear sense of vibrancy and modernity in the finished layout. White and aqua blue themes dominate the real estate specialist’s offices, which throughout carry a clear emphasis on urbanity, design and the future.



6. Publicis

best office interiors - Moscow-Offices-GB-7-Publicis

Image Source: officesnapshots  Photography: Aleksey Knyazev

VOX Architects make their second appearance on the list as creators of the incredible workplace of Publicis. The area consists of a reception, waiting area, personal offices, meeting rooms and a wooden terrace area. A French theme prevails, with designs and accents on the walls subtly invoking a Parisian atmosphere, while complementary colours, mainly reds, yellows and greens, featured throughout the workspace.



7. Zenit Bank

best office interiors - Moscow-Offices-GB-10-Zenit-Bank

Image Source: officesnapshots

Zenit Bank has an office of contemporary and sleek design that makes it a standout among Moscow’s best office interiors. It’s laid out on the 15th floor of a fine building, and commands breathtaking views of the surrounding cityscape. The design and layout work of ABD Architects on this project is notable for a forensic level of attention to detail, demonstrating the beauty of modern architecture, that somehow never loses touch with practicality.



8. A.T. Kearney

best office interiors - Moscow-Offices-GB-11-AT-Kearney

Image Source: officesnapshots  Photography:  Ilya Ivanov

Offcon created a unique new workplace layout for global management consulting firm A.T. Kearney in 2015. The firm commissioned an effective and modern Moscow workspace that would demonstrate the atmosphere and philosophy of the company, which Offcon delivered beautifully.



9. ZenithOptimedia

best office interiors - Moscow-Offices-GB-12-Optimedia

Image Source: officesnapshots

Nefa Architects was responsible for the redesign of the Moscow headquarters of ROI agency ZenithOptimedia, giving it a picturesque, modern appearance, while preserving its practicality. The architects kept things simple and straightforward throughout, reflecting on the firm’s style, while injecting a subtle dash of contemporary vigour through the use of a smart white and blue colour theme.


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