7 Amazing Office Space Designs in Taipei

Last Updated: April 26, 2021

Taipei, capital of Taiwan, is one of the major hubs of the Chinese-speaking world, where modernity and tradition comfortably co-exist. It’s also a trend-setting hotspot for inspiring office space designs, illustrated by our list of 7 particularly great examples.

by AGENT Staff
office space designs, taipei offices
Image Source: ALP Logistics / ArchDaily.com

Taipei is one of the major social and financial hubs of the Chinese-speaking world. The city alone has a population of more than 2.5m, while some 6.9m+ residents live in the greater Taipei-Keelung Metropolitan area. The political, economic, education and cultural centre of Taiwan is a global city, with rail, highway, airport and bus connections to all parts of the island. Taipei is also boasts numerous office space designs that set the standard for work environments that inspire employees to energetic, imaginative and productive heights. This is entirely appropriate for a city whose buildings run the cultural gamut from the Dalongdong Baoan Temple, to the Taipei 101 skyscraper. Here, then, are 7 of the most typically inspiring office space designs to be found in Taipei.


1. The Edrington Group

office space designs, taipei

Image Source: officesnapshots.com

SL+A Taiwan designed the new offices of international beverage company The Edrington Group located in Taipei. The offices radiate sophistication and are synonymous with the brand reputation of Edrington, a firm with origins in the mid-19th century. Edrington is the maker of some of the world’s best loved Scotch whiskies, including The Macallan, The Famous Grouse, Cutty Sark and Highland Park, and the blend of wood, plush carpetry with modernist lighting, sweeping curves and open spaces.



2. Ally Logistic Property (ALP)

office space designs, taipei

Image Source: archdaily.com

Architects JC Architecture created this 196 square metres/2110 square feet Taipei workplace for Ally Logistic Property (ALP) , Taiwan’s first professional logistics and real estate development company. It’s a striking reflection of the firm’s work in warehousing and innovative workplace solutions that integrate warehouse space with retail, office and R&D areas. The blend of open space, decor and constructions that blend the visual language of warehousing logistics with contemporary workspace comforts, makes for a stirring and inspirational atmosphere.



3. Skymizer Inc

office space designs, taipei


Skymizer Inc is a cloud infrastructure specialist, specialising in the speed of mobile devices and data centre servers. Its Taipei offices are laid out on the top floor of an office building that is home to numerous software companies. The work of interior design specialists, Strontium Interior Design, has created a free flowing multifunctional working space for Skymizer employees, with lots of open access, glass walls, and areas for resting.



4. Voda Swim Store

office space designs, taipei

Image Source: mwdesign.com.tw

Voda Swim is renowned for its revolutionary Envy Push-Up Bikini, and the Taipei offices of the company—fitted out by the design firm MW Design—truly reflect the product range. The office’s evocation of beaches and other swimming and aquatic environments is immersive. It’s not only inspirational and on-point for the Voda Swim team, but also an impressive shop window for the company’s product line.



5. Citiesocial

office space designs, taipei

Image Source: kellyleedesign.com.tw

Based in Taipei, Citiesocial is an online retail company that sells a range of lifestyle products. The collaborative work style demands an open space for instant communication between employees. The numerous windows on this floor high above the city flood the open office spaces with natural light. The fitout, by Kelly Lee Design, creates another of the standout office space designs in Taipei. It provides interesting contrasts and counterpoints, with decor that references the firm’s product range, and dashes of softening, organic warmth from wooden accents on the walls and floors.



6.  cnYES

office space designs, taipei

Image Source: waterfrom.com

The Taipei offices of online media firm cnYES is a perfect reflection of how the company integrates finance and mass communication to provide its financial website services. Designed by Waterfrom, the office foregrounds the ‘time is money’ ethos underpinning the work of cnYES. The hallway alone is impressive, with a golden reception desk and golden-hued polished floor creating a sleek, corporate feel. Throughout, spaces are flexible, with movable partition panels allow for swift and efficient changes in space.



7. Trend Micro

office space designs, taipei

Image Source: idaworkplace.com

Tech and online security specialists Trend Micro work to make the word a safer and more secure place for businesses and consumers to exchange information digitally. Design and change-management experts iDA, a long term partner of Trend Micro (having earlier created the firm’s largest R&D facility in China), worked to create a collaborative working environment. The result is one of the most inspiring office space designs in Taipei, a vibrantly modernist spacious, hierarchy-free workplace.



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