8 of the Most Amazing Offices in Shanghai

Last Updated: May 1, 2019

Our guide to the amazing and inspirational offices of Shanghai features some of the world’s biggest names in both business and architecture.

by AGENT Staff
image source: pdm design

Shanghai is one of the most amazing cities on the planet. It’s one of China’s economic powerhouses, with a busy economy and a staggering population of more than 23m citizens.

It is also steeped in culture and history, and a whole host of heritage sites and landmarks such as Yu Garden and People’s Square ensure that it is a hot-spot for world travellers also.

The city is also graced by a range of stunning offices that are fantastic works of design in their own right, created for some of the world’s best known businesses. Here are eight such workplaces.


1. Taranta Creations

Shanghai Offices GB 1 Red Town

Image Source: enrico-taranta

Design Studio Taranta Creations put its own skillsets to the test by carrying out the design of its own Shanghai headquarters, in a vivid demonstration of creativity for customer and visitors to see. The fascinating features include, as pictured above, work spaces that are tucked into the floor.



2. JWT

Shanghai Offices GB 2 JWT

Image Source: m moser

As a major global marketing communications agency, JWT focuses on generating ideas that will appeal to its clients’ target audiences. M Moser designed an office to reflect that outlook, and ensure that the company’s professionalism, as well as its friendliness and homeliness, is demonstrated to visitors.



3. Boston Consulting Group

Shanghai Offices GB 3 BCG

Image Source: m moser

Boston Consulting Group is a world-leader in management consulting with operations in 43 countries. The open-plan architecture of the Shanghai headquarters, designed by M Moser, gives this office a sense of openness and flexibility, while the sleek, wooden textures of the decor and fixtures adds a subtle sense of class and quality.



4. Adidas

Shanghai Offices GB 4 Adidas

Image Source: pdm design

Global apparel brand Adidas relocated its Shanghai headquarters in 2013, with PDM International commissioned to design the new workspace. PDM created a creative and inspiring work atmosphere to match the quality of the Adidas brand.



5. Fontera

Shanghai Offices GB 5 Fontera

Image Source: pdm design

The Shanghai office of Fontera was designed by PDM in 2013. The company is a well-known dairy supplier, and at the time was expanding into China and India, while retaining Shanghai as its main headquarters. The white decor and spaciousness are timeless and ultra appropriate for a dairy firm, while accents of blue throughout add a classy, contemporary feel.



6. Intoo

Shanghai Offices GB 6 Intoo

Image Source: muxin-studio

Muxin Design and Research Studio recently completed the workplace of IT firm Intoo in Shanghai. The design brief was this 78 square metres office was to facilitate function as well as novel features for staff, on a tight budget. The design scheme steers clear of the traditional office look, and makes full use of the available space.



7. WPP

Shanghai Offices GB 7 WPP

Image Source: pdm design

In it’s third appearance on this list, PDM Design’s incredible work on the Shanghai workspace of leading marketing communications firm, WPP. The WPP Shanghai campus features air filtration systems on each floor, water filtration units, meeting room booking systems as well as an in-house café.



8. Estée Lauder

Shanghai Offices GB 8 Estee Lauder

Image Source: ida workplace

iDA Workplace + Strategy created the new offices of cosmetics giant Estée Lauder in 2013. This spirited and stylish interior design reflects the company’s respected charm and presence, and has a subtly inspirational effect on employees who must surely feel like royalty in such elegant, luxurious surroundings.


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