Skyscraping Design Standards at these 8 Singapore Offices

Last Updated: May 1, 2019

As one of the planet’s most bustling and productive centre’s of business, Singapore is home to some of the biggest global brandnames in the world. Hardly surprising, then, that it boasts some of the most amazing office designs to be found anywhere.

by AGENT Staff

THE city state of Singapore is a massive global business hub, and is the second most densely populated sovereign country in the world—it even boasts the globe’s highest percentage of millionaires per head of population.

Home to the island resort of Sentosa and even a Universal Studios Theme Park, Singapore is emphatically on the map for entrepreneurs and world travellers alike.

Singapore also leads the way in contemporary architecture, and the headquarters of some of the business world’s most prominent firms and brands are based here. These eight offices are but a sample of the architectural excellence and ‘cool office’ pleasures to be found in Singapore.



Singapore Offices GB 1 Booking

image Source: glassdoor

INTERNATIONAL hotel booking site, had its Singapore headquarters designed by SCA, a leading corporate solutions provider. The design concept embraces diversity, making use of several themes throughout the office, underpinned by the taglines and styles, vibrantly coloured and decorated rooms, and even a large grass floor area.



2. TripAdvisor

Singapore Offices GB 2 TripAdvisor

Image Source: kyoob-ID

CELEBRATED designers, Kyoob-id, was responsible for the Singapore office layout of travel site giants, TripAdvisor, in 2013. Befitting the world’s largest travel site, the design creates a fun environment, tapping into the entire scope of the company’s travel and leisure market.



3. M Moser Associates

Singapore Offices GB 3 M Moser

Image Source: m moseR ASSOCIATES

AS A well established provider of innovative office solutions, M Moser Associates took the renovation of its Singapore office into its own hands. With this stylishly contemporary working hub, the company truly showcases the talents and skillsets of its employees in a fantastic display of quality architecture and design.



4. Storck Asia

Singapore Offices GB 4 Storck

Image Source: sennexconsultants

SENNEX was commissioned by Storck Asia for an office design when the company relocated its regional headquarters to a Singapore penthouse. The focus was on creating a vibrant and fun workspace that emphasised the firm’s brand and ethos. With a vibrant palette of materials and textures, and a spectacular spiral staircase as a visual centrepiece, the new office leaves a lasting impression on visitors and employees alike.



5. BGC Singapore

Singapore Offices GB 5 BGC

Image Source: kelvinfrankreid

BGC Singapore is one of Asia’s most dynamic search and recruitment companies and was one Singapore’s Top 10 HR Vendors of 2009. BGC appointed Kelvin & Frank Reid to design and build its now 8,300 square-foot office, with the aim of creating a working environment reflecting the company’s unique office culture of two diverse design identities.



6. Aon Singapore

Singapore Offices GB 6 AON

Image Source: sca-design

DESIGNED by SCA, the Singapore workplace of world-leading risk management and human resources consultancy Aon demonstrates strength, energy, and friendliness. Aon sought to provide a light, friendly, welcoming atmosphere, inspiring for employees, and making its customers feel relaxed—a core business goal for the company.



7. AVIVA Investors

Singapore Offices GB 7 AVIVA

Image Source: rawdesign

RAW Design devised the layout and design for the Singapore workplace of popular commercial company AVIVA Investors. With a colour scheme representative of the company’s logo colours and modern, elegant layouts and decor, it’s little wonder that employees arrive to work each day in high spirits.



8. Diageo

Singapore Offices GB 8 Diageo

Image Source: SCA-DESIGN

SCA Design appear once again on this list, having created the Singapore office layout for worldwide beverage company Diageo. Trading with some of the biggest names in the global drinks business, Diageo required a concept that celebrated its business, as well as demonstrating the corporate values of the organisation.


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