Best Electric Shavers 2018 – Buyers Guide with Reviews

by AGENT Staff
what to wear on your first day of work

What To Wear On Your First Day Of Work in 2018

by Agent Team

Choosing the best work outfit to wear when you’re starting a new job can be a tricky process. This guide will keep you in the right direction and help you to make a lasting impression on your employer and colleagues.

2 min read
top menswear brands

10 Top Menswear Brands Setting the Pace for Fashion

by Agent Staff

Brands are a huge influence on style, so the fashion industry is always vibrant and alive, either with new labels, or well-established brands experimenting, refreshing and collaborating to stay ahead of the curve. For those who feel stuck in a style rut, here are 10 stylistic pace-setters, from the entirely new guard to the latest innovations and lines emerging from some of fashion’s best known brands.

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