Amazing Offices in San Francisco: 10 Inspiring Workspaces

Last Updated: May 1, 2019

As home to some of the world’s biggest brands in the IT and creative industries, San Francisco is another major ‘cool office’ capital of the planet. Here are just 10 of the most notable workspaces in The Golden City.

by Agent Staff
San Franciso Cool Offices - SF1 9 Github

WITH THE richly evocative nickname of The Golden City, it is entirely appropriate that San Francisco, which is home to some of the world’s biggest brands in tech and the creative industries, would also boast some of the most amazing offices on the planet. Here are just 10 of the most notable workspaces in San Francisco.


1. Microsoft, San Francisco

SF1 1 Microsoft

MICROSOFT’S San Francisco office, designed by Design Blitz, acts as both a showroom for new Microsoft technology and an employee workplace. The design incorporates bold panels of colour in the Microsoft logo colours and sharp, angled shapes. The workplace is largely open plan but allows for privacy in glass-fronted conference rooms and informal tables and seating.

Image Source: Design Blitz Photography: Bruce Damonte



2. Autodesk, San Francisco

SF1 2 Autodesk

AS A LEADER in 3D design software, it was important for Autodesk to fully utilise their office space. Gensler Architecture designed a workplace with areas for work, relaxation, informal meetings and large gatherings. Exposed piping, geometric wall decals and dark wooden panelling combines to create a unique and contemporary aesthetic.

Image Source: Gensler Photography: Michael Townsend



3. Instacart, San Francisco

San Franciso Cool Offices - SF1 3 Instacart

INSTACART, a grocery delivery company, have San Francisco headquarters that reflects the produce they deliver while remaining professional. Cabbage wallpaper, desks made out of repurposed fruit boxes and a fully-stocked kitchen put a fun twist on the brand’s function. Employees can enjoy a comfortable workspace with an in-house bar as well as beautiful lounge areas to relax in.

Image Source: Design Blitz Photography: Jasper Sanidad



4. Pixar, San Francisco

SF1 4 Pixar

ONE WOULD expect Pixar, an animation company who has brought joy to many, to have amazing offices by default, and the fun workplace that is the company’s San Francisco creative factory doesn’t disappoint! Designed by Gensler in a 19,000 sq. foot warehouse, the space features huge statues of famous Pixar characters such as Buzz and Woody, and a staff gaming area.

Image Source: Gensler Photography: Sharon Risedorph



5. Decorist, San Francisco

San Franciso Cool Offices - SF1 5 Decorist

DECORIST, a San Francisco interior design firm, needed an office space that showed off their decorating abilities. Far removed from sterile cubicles and frosted glass, their office looks more like a home library than an office. Plush carpets line the floors and eclectic artwork brings life to the walls. Mismatching desks and comfortable seating creates a cozy, homely atmosphere.

Image Source: Decorist Photography: Aubrie Pick



6. Heavybit Industries, San Francisco

San Franciso Cool Offices - SF1 6 Heavybit

AS A WORKSPACE for cloud-developer start-ups, Heavybit Industries’ offices needed to be fresh and innovative. Designed by Iwamoto Scott in a former warehouse, the office retains an industrial feel with exposed steel and concrete. A large communal workspace with bar seating and a conference table encourages collaboration, while window seats which border the upstairs provide a cozy place for employees to work alone.

Image Source: Iwamoto Scott Photography: Bruce Damonte



7. Lyft, San Francisco

San Franciso Cool Offices - SF1 7 Lyft

LYFT, a fun young transportation company based in San Franciso, offices that bring the whimsical to the workplace. The Lyft logo is a pink moustache, and this is referenced throughout the design with pink pool noodles hanging from the ceilings. There is even a secret library for employees to escape to, accessed through a portrait of Willy Wonka, making this a highpoint of our review of amazing offices in San Francisco!

Image Source: Office Snapshots



8. Chartboost, San Francisco

San Franciso Cool Offices - SF1 8 Chartboost

GAMING is one of the most fun industries on the planet, so it was important for Chartboost to bring this to their offices. Designed by Design Blitz, the workspace looks like it’s in a video game, with a Super Mario themed meeting room and a giant T-rex in the lobby. Employees have no shortage of ways to relax, with a putting green, arcade games, hammocks and grass-covered beds.

Image Source: Design Blitz Photography: Jasper Sanidad



9. Github, San Francisco

San Franciso Cool Offices - SF1 9 Github

GITHUB builds online collaboration tools, so it should come as no surprise that their offices in San Francisco encourage team work between employees. Designed by Fennie & Mehl Archtects, the space is largely open plan, with no private offices. Repurposed shipping containers provide informal meeting rooms, and those seeking quiet time can escape to a glass-fronted mini-office. Employees can also enjoy an edgy bar and kitchen area. One of the most amazing offices in this city.

Image Source: Fennie & Mehl Photography: Eva Kolenko



10. Muh-Tay-Zik Hof-fer, San Francisco

San Franciso Cool Offices -

AD AGENCY Muh-tay-zik Hof-fer have simply amazing offices that reflect their quirky approach to advertising. With a clean monochrome colour scheme, touches of neon pink add a sense of fun. Employees can enjoy a fully-stocked kitchen, as well as table tennis and lots of comfortable seating in their workplace.

Image Source:Muh-Tay-Zik Hof-fer Photography: Jasper Sanidad


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