Top 100 Male & Female Cat Names For Merchandise in 2017

As well as telling you what a cat is called, cat names also speak volumes about the personalities of their owners, and the associated customised merchandise is a key factor in the multi billion-dollar worth of the US pet industry. Here are the 100 most popular male & female cat names.

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Cat Names
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Cats are among the most beloved of domestic pets, and the care that owners lavish on felines, and the importance attached to cat names, are all significant growth engines in the multi-billion dollar US pet industry, which has an estimated value of more than $69.36bn.

Cat names are huge business, as can be seen from the most cursory glance at the range of merchandise sold annually that’s customised towards kitten and cat names. No expense is spared. Quite apart from the essentials of food, cat bedding and veterinary care, owners of cats spend huge sums on merchandise such as cat scratching posts, feline food & water bowls, cat trackers, cat T-shirts and best selling cat toys such as Fashion’s Talk 20 piece variety pack

This all reflects the serious amount of emotional investment that the average cat owner expends on their pet. As with dog owners, cat lovers tend to choose names based on aspects of their own personalities, their sense of humour, and their interests.

Interestingly, the Twilight saga is just as big an inspirational touchstone for cat owners as it is for dog owners. Bella is the most popular of female cat names (as it is for dogs), another demonstration of the popularity of the Twilight protagonist Bella Swan, who was propelled into the culturally iconic A list by Kristen Stewart’s portrayal in the movies.

Sometimes the name will not come so easily. For one thing, you might not like Twilight! If so, you could take your inspiration from other popular male and female cat names.

2017 Most Popular Male & Female Cat Names

Recently released data from animal lovers online forum confirms Bella as the most popular of male and female cat names for 2017. There are huge volumes of inspiration contained in this data, which details the top 100 names for male and female cats. Check out the list below to see all 100.