7 Magnificently Cool Office Layouts in Toronto

Last Updated: May 1, 2019

Toronto is one of Canada’s—and the world’s—economic engines, with a population of over five million people. Many national corporates and global brands have their head offices in the city, meaning that Toronto also sets a formidable benchmark for beautiful, inspirational and employee-friendly workspaces.

by Agent Staff
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Toronto is one of Canada’s economic powerhouses: a national centre of commerce, distribution, finance and industry, the city generates 20pc of the country’s GDP and its also its banking and stock exchange centre. As such, it’s a key global economic hub and with more than half of Canada’s manufactured goods produced within its metropolitan area, Toronto is home to some of the most high-spec, imaginative and downright beautiful domestic and international headquarters anywhere in the world. Here are just 7 of the most amazingly cool office layouts to be found in the city.



1. Polar Asset Management Partners, Toronto

cool office layouts - Toronto-1-Polar-Technologies

Image Source: MacLennon Jaunkains Miller Architects  Photography: Alex Lee

Polar Asset Management Partners, an asset management, hedge fund and investment firm, has striking headquarters playing on its company name and brand. The offices feature a largely arctic white colour scheme, with touches of icy blue, and fragmented, angular structures forming desks, walls and seats. Designed by MacLennon Jaunkains Miller Architects, this minimalist space is a fun representation of the brand while providing the perfect backdrop for the company’s large modern art collection.



2. Red Bull, Toronto

cool office layouts - Toronto-2-Red-Bull

Image Source: Johnson Chou Architects  Photography: Tom Arban

As a brand that takes its office spaces very seriously, it should come as no surprise that Red Bull’s Toronto office is such a unique, visually-inspired space. Designed by Johnson Chou, the workspace features a sweeping wooden ramp-like structure which creates a large communal desk, divided by partitions. Elsewhere, contrasting wood paneling, cage-like metal walls and small enclosed meeting areas create an aesthetic that’s undeniably urban and edgy.



3. Coca Cola, Toronto

cool office layouts - Toronto-3-Coca-Cola

Image Source: Figure3  Photography: Steve Tsai

The downtown Toronto headquarters of Coca-Cola is an example of how heavy branding can be used while still creating a tasteful, design-focused space. Mainly decorated in dark grey, white and red, the 100,000 square feet of office space were designed by figure3, using a wide array of textures and materials to prevent an overly clinical look. The offices include a roof terrace, cafeteria and multiple snack bars to encourage socialisation between employees. Like most of the company’s headquarters worldwide, this is a surefire inclusion on a list of Toronto’s cool office layouts.



4. Bell Media, Toronto

cool office layouts - Toronto-4-Bell-Media

Image Source: Mayhew

One would expect Canada’s premier multimedia company to have an impressive office space, and the Toronto offices of Bell Media don’t disappoint, with one of the standout cool office layouts in the city. Designed by Mayhew, the space is largely open-plan and features vibrant colours and sleek surfaces throughout. Quirky extras include a repurposed bus shelter showcasing Bell Media’s past campaigns, and wall decals emblazoned with the company’s values.



5. Shopify, Toronto

cool office layouts - Toronto-5-Shopify

Image Source: MSDS Studio  Photography: Paula Wilson

With its gradient colour palette of white, pale wood and pastel shades, Shopify‘s Toronto office shows that making a young, dynamic workspace doesn’t necessarily mean bright block colors and stark contrast. This is one of the cool office layouts that truly set the standard for what a great workspace can look like. Devised by MSDS Studio, the generally ‘soft’ aesthetic is given an edge with repurposed shipping container doors, neon strip lighting and mid-20th Century style furniture. The office includes a fun games room for staff, with foosball and table-tennis tables.



6. Hok, Toronto

cool office layouts - Toronto-7-Hok

Image Source: Hok  Photography: Richard Johnson

Hok, an international architecture and design firm, created its own office in Toronto with flexibility and sustainability in mind. Unquestionably one of the signature cool office layouts in Toronto, its decor is home-like and inviting while remaining practical and thoroughly modern, flawlessly mixing a wide range of furniture styles, colors and textures. The black-bordered glass partitions throughout the office create a studio-like feel while allowing for simultaneous privacy and openness.



7. Rich’s, Toronto

cool office layouts - Toronto-8-Rich's

Image Source: Straticom  Photography: Naomi Finlay

In order to sustain positive employee morale, a company must at least provide a workplace that their staff love being in. Rich’s Toronto headquarters, designed by Straticom, are a good example of this. The employee facilities throughout its cool office layouts include a fitness centre and fully-stocked kitchen, as well as incredible design. Small informal meeting rooms are brightly coloured and glass-fronted, for aesthetic reasons as much as for lighting, while a 3D map of the world marking Rich’s locations provides brand-focused visual interest.


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