Washington DC Offices – 6 Remarkably Inspiring Workspaces

Last Updated: September 1, 2020

Instantly known worldwide as the seat of power in the US, Washington DC is also remarkable for its architectural splendour. This does not stop at the White House, the Capitol Building and other famous landmarks. The area is also a base for some of the biggest names in business, and so Washington DC offices, such as the following six, frequently rank among the world’s finest.

by AGENT Staff
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Image Source: Office Snapshots

WASHINGTON DC is a formidably symbolic seat of world power, as the base of the White House and the Capitol Building. But the architectural splendour of the district does not stop with the US President’s address at 555 Pennsylvania Avenue. There are beautiful structures and monuments throughout the district, including the Washington and Lincoln monuments. And Washington DC is also a key base for a number of the best-known businesses in the world. The following 6 Washington DC offices show the kind of cutting-edge architecture and workspace design that makes the district a world capital of incredibly inspiring places to work.


1. NEI

Washington DC Offices GB 1 NEI

Image Source: fox-architects

FOX Architects collaborated with Wingate Hughes to create this Washington DC headquarters for the Nuclear Energy Institute. The design taps into the Institute’s efforts to refresh its brand identity for the 21st century, with a working environment that evokes cleanliness, sophistication and professionalism.



2. iHeartMedia

Washington DC Offices GB 2 IHeartMedia

Image Source: designrepublic

DESIGN Republic designed the Washington DC offices of iHeartMedia prior to 2014 when the US mass media company was operating under the ClearChannel brand. The fundamentals of the office design facilitated a strong continuity enabling iHeartMedia to attract advertisers and inspire employees. The design concept is something of a departure from traditional corporate interiors, embracing the natural elements of the building.



3. Summit Consulting

Washington DC Offices GB 3 Summit

Image Source: dbia

SPECALIZED analytics advisory firm Summit Consulting uses its offices to instantly transmit the core principles of its brand to visitors. The company’s clients include federal agencies, financial institutions, and litigators. The designers of these Washington DC offices, DBI Architects, intelligently and strategically preserved and promoted the Summit brand identity, while retaining a flexible, inspiring and collaborative workspace for personnel.



4. Ogilvy & Mather

Washington DC Offices GB 4 Ogilvy

Image Source: officesnapshots

RENOWNED advertising, marketing and public relations agency Ogilvy & Mather’s Washington headquarters, developed by HOK, foregrounds the company’s formidable legacy as the creator of some of the world’s best known advertising campaigns. The agency’s priority for the new office was to inspire its personnel by creating the space for innovation and collaboration, while serving the business needs of a firm that serves a range of prestigious clients.



5. Hudson Institute

Washington DC Offices GB 5 Hudson

Image Source: fox-architects

FOX Architects created this new office for the long-established research organisation, Hudson Institute. Founded in 1961, the institute views its new Washington location as an opportunity to not only improve its facilities, but also to inspire and advance its signature interdisciplinary studies in defense, international relations, economics, health care, technology, culture, and law.



6. Regalmark

Washington DC Offices GB 6 regalmark

Image Source: officesnapshots

COMMERCIAL design company, Regalmark, has a close attachment to its design studio headquarters in Washington DC. The company embarked on its own design for the project, which showcases Regalmark’s innovation in design and construction management. It is also a perfect space for a company that is poised to embark on a significant phase of expansion.


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