What Colour Tie To Wear To An Interview: 3 Great Necktie Tips 2020

Last Updated: July 1, 2020

The colour of a tie says a lot more about your personality than most people think it does. If you’re getting ready for an interview, consider tie colour as one of the most significant style choices you can make.

by AGENT Staff
what colour tie to wear to an interview
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If you’re a jobseeker who has finally secured that long-sought interview, or perhaps an entrepreneur who is having a first-time sit-down with a client whose business you’re eager to secure, pay particular attention to the question of what colour tie to wear to an interview.

The tie plays an important role in conveying what is distinctive about your character, and can be decisive in the kind of impression that you make with the interviewers.

Dark suits (blue or black) and the classic crisp white shirt are almost a given, but the tie should be chosen with more care. There is much more to ties than meets the eye. Its colour will significantly influence the interviewer’s impression of your personality. Colour choices are indicative of personality types, and certain colour ties will suggest that the wearer is suitable for specific jobs.

This is such an integral part of interview preparation. The choice of the correct tie is as crucial to your overall appearance as a document wallet or briefcase is for carrying your documents or accessories. (And while we’re on that, don’t forget to equip yourself with a decent professional quality bag such as a briefcase or bag from such reliable brands as Samsonite, Mancro or Life Boost.

But while items such as the case or bag are important, the tie has to be absolutely perfect. For those of you who are uncertain about what colour tie to wear to an interview, here are three of the most popular choices, with a guide to what they say about the wearer.


1. Blue

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Blue is the most common colour for suits, whether for business or more formal attire, and even for casual sports jackets. Its popularity is unsurprising.

One of the three primary colours (with red and green), it’s also the most popular colour in website design, with at least 55 shades of the colour used in websites.

So if you are genuinely undecided or a little lost about the question of what colour tie to wear to an interview, pick blue, for a subtle means of getting the interviewers onside, conveying the familiar. It will make you appear trustworthy and confident, and is likely to be a significant factor in interview for jobs where reliability is a prerequisite, such as accountancy.

If you have any doubts about our choice of blue and remain uncertain about what colour tie to wear to an interview, take a look at the infographic at the end of this post.

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2. Red

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A red tie suggests that the wearer is bold and assertive. If you want to make an instant positive impression with the interviewers for a job that requires confidence, a red tie is difficult to beat.

According to Psychology Today, darker colours tend to be positive. If people gravitate toward the colour black, it indicates an artistic and sensitive nature; blue suggests harmony, reliability and empathy; and brown conveys a sense of no-flash dependability. Those who choose white indicate a preference for logic and order, while those who prefer red are tenacious and determined in everything that they do. Therefore the black and white classic business suit and shirt, with the daring flash of red is a harmonious, appealing combination that will make a potential employer at least sit up and take notice.

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For a practical indication of the potency of the red tie against the crisp white shirt and dark suit, think about the number of famous political leaders, such as former US President Barack Obama, for instance, who opt for a red tie during an occasion of significance.

what colour tie to wear to an interview

Image Source: The White House



3. Orange/Yellow/Golden

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The choice of a yellow/orange/golden colour for a tie is somewhat unusual for a job interview, but that is by no means a bad thing. People who gravitate towards those hues usually enjoy learning and amassing knowledge and, interestingly, passing on what they have learnt to others. They tend to be outgoing, perhaps a little quirky, and people to whom others easily gravitate.

If you are in the creative industries, or are forging a career path or meeting a client whose business is built on creativity and individuality. This colour choice indicates perfectionism, a tendency to self-criticise but positively so, and people who gravitate towards this colour are often change-leaders, being unafraid of new departures or new working methods or technologies.

A dash of yellow/gold/orange to finish your classic business suit look is one way of ensuring an appearance that conveys positivity and imagination.

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Infographic – The Coolness of Blue

what colour tie to wear to an interview

Infographic Source: Template Monster via Visual.ly


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