What to Wear for a Job Interview – 3 Essential Preparation Tips for 2019

Last Updated: May 1, 2019

Job interview preparation is a serious business, and one of the things that should be researched most carefully is the question of what to wear to a job interview. Do it once, and it will help you for all interviews. Here are 3 main points to consider.

by AGENT Staff
what to wear for a job interview
what to wear for a job interview - image source: pixabay

Considering what to wear for a job interview is important. There’s no better explanation as to why than that provided by Harvey Specter from the television drama Suits.

“You start behind the eight-ball, you’ll never get in front.”

In a very early episode of the series, the impeccably groomed Specter told his tardy, relatively scruffy novice intern, Mike Ross: “Get it through your head. First impressions last. You start behind the eight-ball, you’ll never get in front.” Nowhere is this more true than in the job interview.

It’s one of those arenas where your appearance can tilt the balance towards a life-changing decision that may not be in your favour. So let’s take some action to ensure that your appearance is on-point with the expectations of the company you hope to work at.

There are fine details, such as choice of tie, and even after you have got your outfit planned, you will also want to ensure there are no loose ends that undercut your appearance. Therefore, make sure that you have a quality bag or document holder for any documentation or accessories that you need to bring with you. Consider buying, for example, a classic briefcase  from Samsonite; or if that’s too formal, check out this smart laptop backpack from Mancro, or a quality messenger bag from Lifeboost.


What to Wear for a Job Interview – Business Fashion Tips

The key here is: never, ever be casual about your appearance. Considering what to wear for a job interview is one of the key stages of the jobseeking process. So check out these preparation tips and never start out behind the eight-ball again.



Business Fashion Tip 1. Research the Workplace Dress Code


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Firstly undertake some research into what the dress code is at the workplace where you hope to secure the job. With this done, you’ll be looking to dress slightly more formally than you would if you were working in that office every day.

This will convey a positive impression to the interviewer about the care you take in your appearance, but it also demonstrates your attention to detail and preparation, and is an indication of how serious you are about the job.

Check out also such professional style gurus as Lauren A Rothman, whose brilliant Style Bible: What to Wear to Work is an indispensable informative resource on the fine detail of business dress codes for every occasion.

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Business Fashion Tip 2. Go for Dark, Neutral Colours

what to wear for a job interview 1

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To get down to specifics of what to wear for a job interview, dark, neutral colours are always reliable, and shoes should preferably be dark brown or black, whichever combines with and compliments your suits suit. However, be cautious: black and brown are two colours that should never be combined, and leather is usually the ideal material to suggest classic stylishness.

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Business Fashion Tip 3. Choose a Classic Business Shirt & Tie


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Avoid over-the-top patterns on ties and accessories as they may appear frivolous, and also distract the interviewer. The tie should complement the suit, so try to stay away from overly loud patterns, which, again, may prove to be a distraction. A plain, white shirt and a non-patterned, single-coloured tie are preferable, but not essential, once the variations maintain a discreet professionalism and do not clash. Ensure also that your socks match your suit and shoes—they will usually be noticed.

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what to wear for a job interview 3

Image Source: unsplash.com  Photography: Ben Rosett


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