Top Tips on What to Wear to a Business Meeting in 2019

Last Updated: May 1, 2019

The question of what to wear to a business meeting should never be taken lightly. You want to radiate confidence and look the part, but you can really only achieve this by striking a fine balance between slick appearance and personal comfort.

by AGENT Staff
what to wear to a business meeting
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Business meetings are for establishing connections and to make an impression on others in your work industry. There are several aspects to look into in order to meet your potential. One of the key points in considering what to wear to a business meeting is research: knowing the dress codes and styles of the clients you are meeting, as well as trying to feel comfortable so that your self-confidence can flourish.


1. Do Your Research


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If the business meeting is with certain clients, you may need to look into what attire would fit in best with them, which can mean dressing more or less formal than you usually would. Aim to dress to the same level as your fellow workers and clients, and how you would expect them to dress.

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2. Go For Professional Attire That Matches


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It is essential for your outfit to match, which can be achieved by using complementary colours, usually of a more neutral and dark shade. This means matching trousers to suit, shoes to trousers and socks to shoes. Appropriate business attire makes people look and feel more lucrative. Choose a good quality tie made of high quality fabric such as silk. Go for subdued patterns or colour, and avoid character prints.

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3. Dress With Confidence


Small details like hair maintenance and grooming have a big effect on your confidence, and confidence is what you want to radiate during a business meeting or a presentation. Choose attire and stylings that are presentable but which also make you feel comfortable in yourself. It’s probably the golden rule of what to wear to a business meeting.

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