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AGENT™ Product Review

As the leading digital publisher for the Change AGENT™ our team at AGENT™ Media are passionate about delivering for your brand and reviewing products that are of interest to our *audience of Change AGENTs:

Median Age: 34
Male/Female: 60% / 40%
Main Geographic Reach: United States, UK, Europe
UMU: 1.1M
Social: 1M+ Followers throughout all social platforms including Facebook & Twitter


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How much does a product review on AGENT™ cost?
From $399.00 per product review

Great, how do we book our product review with AGENT™?
Please contact the AGENT™ Editorial team to discuss your product review by Clicking Here.

Can I pay for my product review online?
Yes, once you have discussed your product review with our Editorial team you can pay for your product review online through our Stripe Payment Portal.

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