Samsung Tablet Case Review – Best Samsung Tablet Covers 2021

Last Updated: February 1, 2021

If you own a Samsung tablet and use it for work, you’ll want a good quality case to protect it from the bumps and scrapes that can occur. Our reviews of the 5 best selling Samsung tablet covers, with Amazon customer review ratings, will help you select the case that will work for you.

samsung tablet case
samsung tablet case review - image source: fintie

If you use a Samsung tablet at work or home, you’ll know how easy it can be for the device to get scuffed, scraped or otherwise damaged in the run of everyday events. Why not secure peace of mind by checking out the huge range of Samsung tablet covers that can protect your device against such mishaps. There is a huge range of Samsung tablet case options available, which not only provide robust protection but also retain the cool, sleek and stylish image that attracted you to the device in the first place.


Samsung Tablet Case Buyers Guide

Check out our mini Samsung tablet case review and buyers guide, covering 5 of the best cases for Samsung tablets on the market in 2021, complete with customer review ratings, to help you find the case that best suits your purposes.




1. Samsung Tablet Case Review – ProCase T580/T585/T587 Folio Case & Stand for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

image source: amazon

One of the smartest looking Samsung tablet covers, this case—ProCase manufactures a separate one that comes complete with a free S Pen—has a palpable air of professionalism, thanks to the luxurious synthetic leather finish on the protective exterior.

This ProCase cover is the perfect take-anywhere accessory for keeping your precious Samsung tablet safe, as it’s also ultra lightweight, making for comfortable carrying. In addition, it doesn’t add any unnecessary bulk to your luggage. ProCase makes this available in a variety of colours and designs.


Who is the ProCase Vintage Folio Case & Stand aimed at?

This case is the perfect accessory for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1in tablet if you use your device for work. It’s got a beautiful looking exterior so it will look good in any context, particularly the traditional boardroom/workplace setting. And this ProCase cover has a functionality that is more than the match its handsome appearance.


Which tablets will the ProCase Vintage Folio Case fit?

This particular case is made for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1in, but ProCase makes a wide variety of cases for a variety of Samsung tablets, for Samsung phones, and numerous other devices.


Why we chose the ProCase Vintage Folio Case

This is one of the best selling tablet cases for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1in, with a host of features that make it pretty exemplary in terms of the protection it provides. And best of all, it doesn’t interfere with the functionality of your tablet in any respect.

Style: Stylistically, this leather-look flip-stand folio case is the perfect complement to the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1in tablet. The Vintage Folio Case taps into the taste for retro and for a tablet in the medium price range has a level of workmanship in the exterior that’s markedly high.

The interior of the 3.52oz case is made from a soft material that ensures that the finish of your tablet won’t get scratched or scraped while in transit.

It’s available in black, grey, brown, gold, navy, purple, teal, chocolate, khaki, red, glitter blue, glitter pink, and glitter silver, as well as a variety of eye-catching patterns, including Aztec, Native American, Circles, Plaid and Number Plates.

Functionality: This is one of the more functional tablet cases that we reviewed. It even has a large front document pocket that you can use to hold your documents, cash, cards or other light belongings if you don’t have access to your bag or briefcase.

There is a strong magnetic closure for an effective auto-sleep/wake functionality that’s easy to operate and conserves energy and battery life. The cut-outs are precise and neat, allowing unimpeded access to all buttons & ports, as well as the speakers and cameras on your device.

Although the level of protection and cover is high (even the corners of your device will be protected with this case), you will never have to take the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1in out of this case once it’s installed.

One of the neatest and most ingenious functions is its multiple-angle hands-free viewing or typing. The inside of the cover has three anti-slip strips, into which you can fold the edge of the tablet holder, for secure and safe hands-free viewing, albeit in landscape orientation only.


Customer Service & After-Sales

There is no warranty and support information available for this case, which is a little disappointing, but if purchased from Amazon, any case that arrives in damaged cases or has been unopened, can be returned within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.


Summing Up – a ProCase Vintage Folio Case Summary

We liked the ProCase Vintage Folio Case & Stand sufficiently to make it our number one tablet case for the 10.1in Samsung Galaxy Tab A. Here’s a recap of the main things that we liked about this great tablet case.


ProCase Vintage Folio Case - Our Verdict
A case that has some great features, which do not obscure the fundamental functionality of the tablet, the ProCase Vintage Folio Case is superb value for money.
ProCase Vintage Folio Case - ProsProCase Vintage Folio Case - Cons
This case has a beautiful finish and ultra professional look and is extremely functional, especially its handy multi-angle viewing functionality.The only negative point is that the case lip that holds the device in place partly obscures the edge of the screen at top & bottom (landscape)

Number of Customer Reviews: 7,157
Average Review Rating: 4.7 out of 5 Stars

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2. Samsung Tablet Case Review – Fintie Keyboard Folio Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

image source: amazon

This is a very good combination folio cover and keyboard case for the 10.1in version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A. Fintie has come up with an ultra-thin keyboard that looks great and provides a high degree of protection for your Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1. At the same time, it allows the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 to function to its full potential thanks to its integrated bluetooth keyboard.


Who is this Fintie Keyboard Case aimed at?

If you’re the type of person who needs a convenient tablet computer for work while on the go—possibly a journalist or media professional—then this Fintie Keyboard Case is absolutely ideal. It’s an ultra functional piece of kit that even adds a dimension to your device that, due to the difficulty of typing on the touch screen, was previously unexplored.


Which tablets will Fintie Keyboard Cases fit?

This tablet is made to measure for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1in version. Please note that it will fit this tablet only. In addition, there is a version of this case that comes with a free S Pen Stylus. This review relates to the non S Pen version.


Why we chose the Fintie Keyboard Case

It is accessories like this that come close to fulfilling the ambition of companies like Microsoft, and developing a device that will be a lighter, more portable and more convenient laptop computer. While the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1in tablet is never going to replace your laptop, its keyboard functionality really makes it a very nifty laptop alternative if you’re working on the move.

Style: The smart, slim unit is a lightweight shell (weighing just 1.26lbs) that has a magnetically detachable Bluetooth keyboard. It’s of a very slim design, securely holding the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 in place for typing or hands-free viewing in landscape orientation mode.

The exterior is coated with durable PU leather, while the interior is an anti-slip rubber lining. The shell of premium standard polycarbonate really keeps your Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 tablet in place while on the move, and it provides a particularly high degree of protection against the bumps and knocks of a life on the road.

A variety of tastes is catered for, with a spectrum of colors available, including black, blue, navy blue, purple, magenta, and rose gold, in addition to patterns such as Galaxy, Jungle Night, Blossom, Emerald Illusions, Map White, Moroccan Love, Rough Sea, Shades of Blue, Don’t Touch, Love Tree, Constellation, and Raining Hearts.

Functionality: As previously stated, the Fintie Keyboard Case is one of the most functional that we have ever removed, with that additional dimension of the Bluetooth keyboard really exploiting the full potential of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1in.

It’s so intuitively a part of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1in in operation that it is quite difficult to believe that it was not made as part of the device and supplied free with it.

The keyboard is a fully-sprung, mechanical keyboard rather than the cheap silicone rubber keyboards that you often find on keyboard cases within this price range. Each key has a spring mechanism that delivers a tactile response to every keystroke, helping you to type at greater speeds and with far fewer errors than would occur whilst typing on a touchscreen.

The case will work with or without the keyboard, which is easily detachable. It also supports an auto-sleep/wake function by selecting Case Only mode, and provides up to five different positions for hands-free video viewing.

Last but by no means least, all features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1in will be accessible with the case on.


Customer Service & After-Sales

There is a toll-free contact number for 9am-5pm contact with Fintie staff, and there is also an email address for contact with sales and support. Fintie products are not covered by warranties, but the company does flag its telephone or email customer support services.


Summing Up – a Fintie Keyboard Case Summary

Our team was highly impressed with the Fintie Keyboard Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1. Here is a quick summation of their views on the case.


Fintie Keyboard Folio Case - Our Verdict
The Fintie Keyboard Folio Case is a spectacularly good case for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1. It's highly protective and the convenience of the keyboard is just wonderful. Bravo to Fintie!
Fintie Keyboard Folio Case - ProsFintie Keyboard Folio Case - Cons
This is one of the best selling cases on Amazon and no wonder, considering the quality of its build and the functionality of its keyboard.One minor flaw is that closing the case with the keyboard attached can scratch the screen protector surface, although this can be remedied by covering the keyboard with a cloth.

Number of Customer Reviews: 1,394
Average Review Rating: 4.4 out of 5 Stars

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3. Samsung Tablet Case Review – Fintie 8in Folio Case SM-T350 for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0

image source: amazon

We stay with Fintie for our next entry. Built to high quality standards of craftsmanship, the Fintie Case provides utmost protection for the 8in version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A. The flip-case design enables you to instantly transform the cover into a stand, providing you with an array of viewing angles, and rarely, this is the case whether you prefer using your tablet6 in horizontal or vertical display format.


Who is the Fintie 8in Folio Case SM-T350 aimed at?

Another entry from Fintie, and really, no-one familiar with that brand’s products—quality construction and a basic design aesthetic that is focused on getting the fundamentals correct—should be surprised with their double-whammy appearance in this post.


Which tablets will the Fintie 8in Folio Case SM-T350 fit?

This case is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (SM-T350/T355/P350/P355). Please note that this case will not work with the Tab A 8.0 2017 model (it will obscure the camera and flash), the 2021 Tab A 8.0 (it will cover the camera), or any other device.


Why we chose the Fintie 8in Folio Case SM-T350

We really liked the Fintie 8in Folio Case SM-T350 because of its plain, no-frills design and it’s very reasonable asking price, which made it the least expensive of all the cases we reviewed for this Samsung tablet cases post. Although this case lacks features such as the magnetic detachable keyboard that comes with its keyboard case, anyone with a need only for a basic case cover (for straight forward transit to and from work, for example) should consider a case like this one.

Style: This Fintie case combines a premium-standard synthetic leather exterior with a much softer non-scratch microfibre interior. Therefore, not only will the case protect your tablet from bumps and knocks, it will also help prevent a buildup of fingerprint oil, dirt and dust, and scratches on the screen of your device.

Installation of the device could not be easier, thanks to the open interior pocket, which will secure (and protect) your tablet at the corners. The cover flap will fold behind the rear of the case, to create a free-stand configuration that enables hands-free viewing of the device.

There is a smart, non-obtrusive loop for stowing a stylus (which is not included in this package), and the case is available in a range of attractive colors,

Functionality: the functionality of the Fintie 8in Folio Case SM-T350 could hardly surpass this, as the case has been designed so that all ports, buttons and functions of your tablet can be accessed without removing the case.

When closed, the Fintie 8in Folio Case SM-T350 will not only give your tablet complete all-round protection, but it also enables auto wake and sleep of your device, thereby ensuring the most efficient use of your battery life.


Customer Service & After-Sales

Although Fintie products do not come with warranty cover, the company does claim to offer comprehensive customer support. The website has details of the toll-free number for 9am-5pm contact with staff, and there is also an email address for the firm’s sales and support representatives.


Summing Up – a Fintie 8in Folio Case SM-T350 Summary

For anyone who wants to learn the main selling points of the Fintie 8in Folio Case SM-T350, here is an ‘at a glance’ summary of our team’s review.


Fintie 8in Folio Case SM-T350 - Our Verdict
This is a very good case, offering high standard of protection and design aesthetic, and at a price that is affordable to anyone.
Fintie 8in Folio Case SM-T350 - ProsFintie 8in Folio Case SM-T350 - Cons
Unbeatable value for money, quality of build and high degree of functionality.It's a little basic compared with some of the cases on this post.

Number of Customer Reviews: 1,758
Average Review Rating: 4.5/5 stars

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4. Samsung Tablet Case Review – Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro SM-T580/T585 for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

image source: amazon

Supcase has a reputation for making some of the most rugged and tough protective cases for a broad range of tablets and mobile devices. the Unicorn Beetle Pro series is no exception, and its variant for the 10.1in Galaxy Tab A is like providing your tablet with a full set of heavy duty body armor.


Who is the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro aimed at?

If you work outdoors or commute frequently and use a tablet for your business, the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro should definitely be on your list of products to consider when you are looking for a high quality tablet case. It really says something that this product, designed for a tablet dating from 2016, is still one of the best selling tablet cases and covers on Amazon.


Which tablets will Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro cases fit?

The particular case that we’ve chosen for this review is specifically serial-numbered (SM-T580/T585) for use with the 2016 10in version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A.


Why we chose the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro

There is another version of this specific case that comes with a free stylus pen, but we decided to review the No Pen version as we felt it was a better value proportion for the general consumer. There are many other Unicorn Beetle Pro cases available, and other collections of cases for Samsung and other devices, and this is one that characterises everything that this mobile device accessory brand does so well.

Style: As noted above, if your tablet is an integral part of your business or personal life, and you spend your time either working or relaxing out of doors, then you really need a tablet that has a fine balance of rugged protection with unimpeded functionality. The last thing you will need, no matter how protective your case is, is the necessity of removing the case to use the functions, ports or cameras on your device. You will have no such worries with the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro case.

Whether you go for the case in black, or opt for one of the other colors available in the range (blue with black accents, pink with grey accents, and white with gray accents), the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro has a no-messing, all-business look. It has a visual design signature that is both rugged enough and elementary enough to look completely at home in any setting, whether in a boardroom or on the side of a mountain.

The Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro provides dual layer protection for your Samsung tablet, its flexible thermoplastic polyurethane (PTU) sleeve tightly hugging the profile of your device, and fitting into the hard PVC shell, with its built-in screen protector to help ensure you don’t get any unwanted scratches on your screen.

Together, the layers provide the ultimate in impact-resistance, with the outer bumpers particularly effective in making the case almost impervious to shocks and drops. And if you can use it hands-free, there is a really neat little kick-stand that can be pulled out when required, and folded away again when you’re on the move.

Functionality: the great news for users of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 is that the Unicorn Beetle Pro Series case will give you all that great protection, but make absolutely no imposition on how you access the various features, ports and buttons of your device.

As with all Supcase cases that come with a builtin screen protector, we found this one to have an ever so slightly tacky feel in comparison with the glass of the tablet screen. However, the screen protector does not impact on the functionality of the touchscreen.

Another aspect of this case that we liked its that there’s a nice contrast between its rugged appearance and its light weight and comfort of handling.


Customer Service & After-Sales

This Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro case is covered by a one-year limited warranty. There is a comprehensive customer support portal on the company’s website that provides points of contact with representatives by telephone, email and an inline form.


Summing Up – a Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Summary

Finally, we have prepared the following recap summary of the main points that our team covered in their review of the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Case for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1.


Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 - Our Verdict
This is a fantastic offering from Supcase, great value for money, delivering a product with premium standard construction and feel, at a reasonable price.
Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 - ProsSupcase Unicorn Beetle Pro for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 - Cons
The ruggedness and sheer quality of construction are the most immediate selling points of the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1.The screen protector is a little bit on the sticky/tacky side, and as with most tablet cases, some provision for hands-free viewing would have been great.

Number of Customer Reviews: 436
Average Review Rating: 4.6 out of 5 Stars

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5. Samsung Tablet Case Review – Poetic TurtleSkin Series for Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

image source: amazon

This is another critically acclaimed case, this time for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, and its highly tactile side grips and turtle shell design on the rear will help to ensure that users of all ages will not drop the device. And in the event of a mishap, the shock-absorbent design of the case will help ensure there is no damage to the tablet.


Who are the cases in the Poetic TurtleSkin Series range aimed at?

This is a tablet that will be suitable for home or the office, and will be especially good in a family setting. It’s a little heavier than some of the other case we’ve reviewed, at 4oz. The soft, rounded-edge design of the case (which is made from a high quality and ultra-thick childproof silicone material), is comfortable to hold and has slip-proof sides that help to ward off any accidental slippage from the hands.

And if your little ones, or even you, do accidentally drop the device, the TurtleSkin Series protective silicone case has padded shock-absorbent corners to ensure that your device will suffer no damage even from the most extreme impacts. The rear of the case has a child-friendly turtle-shell design that is actually a pattern of raised supports that will grip to smooth surfaces and prevent the tablet from sliding.


Which Samsung tablets will Poetic TurtleSkin Series cases fit?

The particular Poetic case in this review is suitable only for the 10.5in Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, the 2021 edition.


Why we chose the Poetic TurtleSkin Series for Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

This particular Poetic TurtleSkin Series case, although made for a particular tablet in the Samsung range, is typical of a whole series of tablet covers in the TurtleSkin series, and across the Poetic range. These are simple but no-nonsense tablet cases, giving rugged protection to your device, at a price that will not break the bank.

Style: At first glance, the Poetic TurtleSkin Series doesn’t seem to be anything special, and Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 might well wonder what all the fuss is about. That’s because much of the style and utility of this particular tablet case does not become apparent until you hold it in your hands. That’s when you begin to appreciate its suitability for a wide age-range of users, and why it is particularly good for family usage.

The Poetic TurtleSkin Series for Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 comes in a range of attractive colors, as well as its default black, including blue, purple and green.

Functionality: The thick silicone casing of the Poetic TurtleSkin Series is coated with a special substance for protection from splashes. And on the interior, there are raised air vents that help to keep the device cool and prevent overheating while in operation.

If there is a criticism, it’s that there is no inbuilt screen protector, although it will accommodate most screen protectors on the market. Finally, the lack of a stand for hands-free viewing is a little disappointing, in comparison with the other products reviewed on this page.

However, this is one of the best value tablet cases on the market, and it receives the thumbs up from our team on the basis of the standard of protection it provides to your Samsung Galaxy Tab S4.


Customer Service & After-Sales

Poetic provides limited warranty cover on all of its cases for a period of three years from the date of purchases, whether directly from Poetic or from an authorised dealer. The company’s website is slick and well designed, with contact points via email and telephone, as well as a fantastic Live Chat facility allowing you to have messaging contact with a Poetic representative in real time.


Summing Up – a Poetic TurtleSkin Series case Summary

Our team regards the Poetic TurtleSkin Series case as one of the best protective cases on the market. Here are their reasons, at a glance.


Poetic TurtleSkin Series for Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 - Our Verdict
While this is one of the most protective and rugged cases on the market, some people will be put off by the lack of features such as a stand for hands-free viewing.
Poetic TurtleSkin Series for Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 - ProsPoetic TurtleSkin Series for Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 - Cons
The Poetic TurtleSkin Series case is made from an attractively soft yet ultra tough protective material, and the product is a good value deal.The lack of a kick-stand is a disappointment, and some people will also miss the screen protector that's so ubiquitous for cases these days.

Number of Customer Reviews: 39
Average Review Rating: 4.3 out of 5 Stars

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samsung tablet case

Image Source: Fintie


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