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Last Updated: January 1, 2021

GIVEN the multitude of networking opportunities that exist for startups and small businesses in the United States, MozCon is a standout. Here is AGENT’s quick guide to what you need to know about MozCon 2016

Moz 2016 - Rand Fishkin, co-founder, Moz -
Image Source: Rand Fishkin

ANYONE even remotely familiar with the world of web marketing and SEO will be aware of MozCon 2016. It’s one of the United States’ premier opportunities for networking with representatives and avatars of digital marketing. Three full days of forward-thinking sessions in SEO, social media, community-building, content-marketing, brand development, mobile, analytics and more, lie in store for those who attend Seattle this autumn.


What is MozCon?

SIMPLY put, MozCon is a digital marketing conference that’s been running annually since 2004. Run by Moz, the SEO consultancy and Software as a Service provider co-founded by Rand Fishkin, it is a three-day deep dive into and full immersion in SEO, social media, marketing analytics, content strategy, data science and much more. It can also be transformative for those unfamiliar with the firm’s TAGFEE code, which sees them strive to be Transparent, Authentic, Generous, Fun, Empathetic and Exceptional.

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Where & When is MozCon?

MozCon2016 - venue - AGENT 120816-NE-KL-05-SBE2

MozCon 2016 will take place from September 12th-14th at the Washington State Convention Centre, 800 Convention Place, Seattle. Daily activities get underway from 8am and continue into the evening.



What Happens at MozCon?

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AT THIS year’s MozCon there are a host of speakers lined up to share their thoughts and lend advice on issues such as building a loyal community to making data-driven decisions in marketing. With a variety of talks and activities scheduled throughout the day, MozCon has something for everyone. The evening will comprise of social activities, where there will be parties, a pub crawl and a networking session amongst other



Who are the Speakers?

THERE are around 30 high-profile and industry-leading speakers scheduled to attend MozCon 2016, and here are just a few of the highlights.


Rand Fishkin – Co-founder, Moz


image source: MOZ.COM

RAND Fishkin was born in 1979 in Flemington, New Jersey. Fishkin attended University of Washington, Seattle before dropping out to start and focus on his company Moz. Moz is all about making the web a better place. Some of Rand’s interests include travelling, science, NFL Football, Beer,  the Internet, and Adventure Time.


Lauren Vaccarello – Vice President of Marketing, Box 

MozCon 2016-AGENT 120816-SUPS-KL-09-MozCon1

image source: LINKEDIN

LAUREN Vaccarello is a digital marketing thought leader, author, and senior vice president of marketing at Box. Lauren is renowned for her expertise at marketing campaigns both online and offline. She is also the co-author of The Retargeting Playbook and Complete B2B Online Marketing.


Talia Wolf – Founder, Conversioner and CMO, Banana Splash

MozCon 2016 - AGENT 120816-SUPS-KL-09-MozCon2

image source: TWITTER

AS AN international CRO expert, Talia helps businesses build conversion optimisation strategies using emotional targeting and consumer psychology. Talia is a co-founder of Conversioner, an emotional targeting conversion optimisation agency, and she is currently chief marketing officer at Banana Splash. Talia has more than six years of conversion optimisation experience working with companies around the globe.



How do I get tickets?

TICKETS for MozCon 2016 are available now. General admission is $1,499.00, with some other group deals available. Buy them now to avoid disappointment. All ticket information can be found here.


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