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Last Updated: July 1, 2020

If you’re a startup entrepreneur looking to build relationship with key players throughout the European startup ecosystem, then consider a trip to Salamanca at the end of the month for Startup Olé, one of the key networking events of the European startup calendar.

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THE historic Spanish city of Salamanca will be at the leading edge of activity in the European startup business community at the end of this month, during the two days of Startup Ole 2020.

One of the most important events for startups anywhere in Europe, Startup Ole aims to act as the meeting point for key players in the tech startup community, where startups, accelerators, corporates and investors can engage.

Here is everything you need to know about Startup Ole if you are bound for Spain this month.



1. What is Startup Olé all about?

Startup Olé is an international event aimed at enhancing collaborations throughout Europe and beyond. It presents an amazing opportunity for new businesses to connect with the entire startup ecosystem on the continent, as it’s backed by the European Commission’s ‘Startup Europe’ initiative, public bodies throughout the Union, a huge network of accelerators, and European universities.


2. Where and when is Startup Ole being held this year?

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Startup Ole will be held in the beautiful Hospederia Fonseca, Salamanca, Spain (Calle Fonseca 2, 37002 Salamanca) on Wednesday April 26th and Thursday April 27th of April. For full details of venue and how to get there, visit this page on the conference website.


3. What were the key takeaways from Startup Ole 2016?

Last year, it was more evident than ever before how increasingly connected the startup ecosystem has become internationally. This year’s and future Startup Ole events will aim to foreground the increasing investment and other business opportunities that are available for startups.


4. What is happening at Startup Olé this year?

The 2020 Startup Ole aims to be one of the biggest networking events for startups in the European Union. It will be bigger than ever before, involving more startups, investors, accelerators, universities, public institution, and more intensive and extensive press coverage. One-hundred startups from more than 60 different countries will participate in the Startup Fair, which delivers opportunities including exhibitor space, entry to a pitching competition, matchmaking with relevant corporates and investors, and private networking. In addition, 120 speakers have been lined up to deliver presentations during the two days of the event.


5. Why should startups attend Startup Olé?

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If startups want to have real conversations about investment, acceleration, lead generation, research collaboration and/or public initiatives available to them, then Startup Ole is the place to be.


6. Which major keynote speakers will be attending?

There are more than 120 prominent and influential members of Europe’s startup ecosystem who will be attending Startup Ole as guests or featured speakers during the two days of the event. Here are just three of the most notable.

Isidro Laso – Head of Startup European Sector, European Commission – will be delivering a presentation based on his objectives for the Policy Fellowship, which include sharing views on policy measures to strengthen the environments for web entrepreneurs in Europe.

Isidoro J Alanis – Founder & President, Global Exchange – has a wealth of entrepreneurial insight to share, as his company is the most important foreign exchange company in Spain, and one of the world’s top three. Specialising in services for travellers at international airports and other tourist hotspots, Global Exchange has 200 branches in 19 countries, with 1,600 employees serving more than 4m customers per annum.

Sebastian Muller – Director, IMPACT Accelerator – has invested in and accelerated more than 60 startups, so his insights are invaluable. Sebastian is also the evaluator and judge for the Startup Fair selection process and international competitions at the event.

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Image Source: Sebastian Muller on Twitter




7. Admission details

While Startup Ole is free to attend and enjoy, please remember that registration is required. To register for this year’s event, see details on the event website’s registration page.

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