Expert International renews focus on Multichannel Retail and Service Standards

Last Updated: May 1, 2019

2015 was a big year in geographic growth for global electrics retailer expert International. This year the company is confidently forging ahead with a more organic expansion strategy. We don’t want to be the biggest—we want to be the best,” says MD, Dieter Mathys.

by Agent Staff
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2016 has seen expert International embark on more organic than geographic expansion as the global electrical retailer capitalises on the growth trends of recent years.

Managing director Dieter Mathys confirmed that growth was not a key focus for expert International.

“This year,” he said, “we are looking more towards organic than geographical expansion. We don’t want to be the biggest—we want to be the best.”

The expert International objective this year remains development, but away from affiliation purely for purchasing purposes, and towards multichannel retail with first-rate service and top advice.

With two strong new licensees on board—specialist IT-focused retailer Komputronik in Poland, and the electronics chain melectronics, part of the Migros Group, in Switzerland—expert has boosted its international representation to 3,500 specialist stores in 20 countries.

Mr Mathys explained that as well as their leading reputations and strong market positions, both Komputronik and melectronics “fit perfectly” with expert, “thanks particularly to their clear focus on service and advice”.

Komputronik is the leading IT retailer in Poland, with more than 200 shops and annual turnover of €550m. In collaboration with expert, it will expanded its competencies in white and brown goods.

In Switzerland, expert International’s home turf, the company will benefit not only from melectronics’ dense network of 100 specialist retail branches throughout the country, but from its strong cross-channel orientation and associated expertise.


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