Get a ‘Daily Post’ Instagram Strategy in 5 Easy Steps

Last Updated: June 1, 2019

As Twitter use tapers off, Instagram use is soaring. The message for businesses is clear. If your audience is migrating to Instagram, you need to as well. Shane McCarthy, CEO at BlueChief Social, has devised this 5-step plan towards a daily Instagram posting habit.

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IF YOU’RE still grappling with how best to post on Instagram to benefit your brand, here’s a newsflash you who may have missed… from the fourth quarter of 2013! That’s when Instagram usage passed Twitter’s. Data from 2016 makes it clear that Twitter’s rate of growth among active users is tapering off. Instagram’s is climbing steeply upward. Even in general terms, this would make it prudent to devise an Instagram strategy.


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The fact that Instagram now does advertising shows that it’s one of the big boys in the social media landscape. Evidence is everywhere that Instagram is on the up, and Twitter is on the wane. Now, on one hand, Gary Vaynerchuk writes that it’s less than useful to tee-up a Twitter vs Instagram war, as the platforms are tremendously different. But on the other, he stresses that Twitter’s USP as “the cocktail party of the internet”, is no longer as effective because of the “noise problem”, which he says makes it difficult to get anyone’s attention. Gary Vee also predicts that unless this problem is fixed, Twitter will not survive. Whether he’s right or wrong, these are all reasons to get your Instagram strategy together sooner rather than later.

Anyway, next time you’re on a public transport or in a waiting room, have a quick look around, and you’ll find that pretty much everyone will is on their phones, and also that the majority of them will be using, and posting, on Instagram, for one key reason.

It’s so easy to use!

But before you go racing to your Instagram dashboard, remember that effective usage is a case of “a marathon, not a sprint”. The challenge with Instagram is to create content and post it daily. Yes, daily. The strategy of a daily post to Instagram is easily achievable if you use these 5 simple steps:

  1. Create a Storyboard
  2. Use Image and Video Tools
  3. Regram Others’ Content
  4. Test and Be Creative
  5. Show You!!!

Believe me, these work. I’ve personally seen the benefits of moving from posting something every couple of days, to creating at least one post on Instagram daily. The effort is well worthwhile. So to devise the most effective Instagram strategy for your requirements, let’s take a look at these steps in more detail.



Post on Instagram Daily – Get the Habit in 5 Easy Steps


1. Create a storyboard

The most effective Instagram strategy is to utilise the medium for telling a story. Your posts need to capture people’s attention, entertain them, and make them active followers/customers. So, your stories need to have a beginning, middle and end.

Doing this is easy if you create a storyboard. All you need is a sheet of paper and a pen. Think of the content you want to post, and break it up into different posts. This way, you will be staking out your content on regular posts.

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2. Use Image and Video Tools

Now, before you protest, yes, tools can be complex and take time to master. But perseverance pays off, as tools help you to ensure the content you put up is the best quality you can muster. For Instagram, the three main tools I use are:

  1. Canva, which has an Instagram feature allowing you to tailor an image to its dimensions.
  2. Powerpoint – the humble Powerpoint can be really useful on Instagram. Simply create a slide, add your content, take a screenshot and use it on Instagram; and
  3. Flipagram – Flipagram, Inc. – a great tool for videos on Instagram, which allows you to add text and effects and even music to Instagram. It’s well worth checking out.



3. Regram Others’ Content

‘Regramming’ is important too. It’s a bit like retweeting on Twitter, but with an extra step. Instagram doesn’t let you share directly to your followers, but there are tools available to let you share content. I recommend ‘Repost’, a fantastic app. It allows you to share and add your own comments to the image, recognising the original author in the post. But why should you share other people’s images. The same reason you retweet. It recognises the work of others; opens engagement with others in your field of interest; and conveys an image of you as an expert in your area.

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4. Test and Be Creative

Instagram is incredibly fun and creative to use. Why not take example of the creative possibilities that Instagram opens up? Test! You will never know if it works well, or works at all, until you try it out. The main testing tips I would give for any post on Instagram include:

Gallery – create a series of videos in one evening. Do out a story and divide it into how many photos and videos will tell the story. Think of it like an episode and have a reason for each post. Adweek has some great tips to help you devise content.

Pictures – test filters and think outside the box. When people start following me I send them a simple ‘thank you’ picture with some text. I’ve only started, but have had a good response rate.

Video – the looping and pause-able nature of videos on Instagram means you can get really creative. Here’s a ‘slam dunk’ example, from the official Instagram account.



5. Show You

People love seeing images of you and behind the scenes at a business. So an Instagram strategy will help you to engage with this love of face to face content. It also creates a personal touch that just can’t be expressed with a text quote. It enables you to stand out from the crowd and let people put actual faces to your brand. This tactic is definitely recommended for any post on Instagram. And if you’re worried about being in front of a camera, take 10 or so pictures and create the best one!



So Let’s Roll…

You’ve read these five introductory tips, so it’s time to roll. Instagram has evolved from a social network with nice pictures and filters to a medium through which people can find out everything they need to know in just a couple of swipes. All you have to do is scroll through and you’re up to date, whether on serious news, sport, and, well, anything you want to look up. Like Twitter, and unlike Facebook, you get to see everything. However, it is much more easy to digest than on Twitter.

For business, the lesson is clear:

If your audience is on Instagram, you need to devise an Instagram Strategy today. Post Daily!


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